Our Mission

Each of us are in possession of God-given talents which are to be applied to the problems in the world around us. Some of us start our short journey in this life as a contributor in the world of high technology, others of us as lawyers, doctors, schoolteachers, construction workers or perhaps as housewives.

At the same time we are commanded to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to every human being. Today, this command is made with urgency, recognizing the sorry state of affairs in our world.

And so we take in one hand our talent(s) and in the other hand the gospel of Jesus Christ and offer both to those who have physical or spiritual needs.

Water is both our mission and our message...on one hand the water we need daily to quench our physical thirst and thus survive from one day to the next and on the other hand the "living water", the gospel of Jesus Christ, the water our soul, spirit and body will need to survive safely throughout eternity.

Unfortunately, sources of pure and healthy drinking water diminish daily, and the problem is compounded with the increasing possibility of terrorist contamination of the few remaining sources.

To meet this need, we have very carefully selected water treatment devices which we believe provide the cleanest and healthiest drinking water on a day to day basis. We also make available systems which can provide water during an emergency.

Throughout our website, our emphasis is to provide easily understood information to enable you to make wise decisions regarding your drinking water needs. We realize that in a highly competitive world such as drinking water systems there will be controversy, truth, misinformation as well as outright fiction.

It is our hope that the material presented in this website will be not only informative but also help you sort fact from fiction and allow you to come to conclusions that you are comfortable with.

Our mission also extends to the construction and installation of much larger systems and enterprises; assisting individuals in starting their own water dealerships, "water stores", water bottling operations, assisting in dental and medical water purification, and so forth.

We believe that drinking water is a noble mission, where the objective is to provide the very best in quality so that the body can function in a healthy manner. Helping others to start businesses which provide these services is also part of our mission.

Finally, one of the more interesting parts of our mission is to find new and exciting technologies which help reduce costs, increase efficiency and provide better solutions to water-related problems. From time to time you will see on this website some of those ideas and products which we believe provide these features.

Also, from time to time we will list here some of the topics we consider crucial to today's spiritual condition of the world. By clicking on the links immediately below you will be able to read material which is guaranteed to hold your interest and get you thinking.

Article Listing(updated regularly - bookmark)


Genetically Engineered Foods or GMO - do you really know what you are eating?

Global Warming - what you are not being told about this issue and why we should be happy that Al Gore is not our President and technology mentor.

The Changing Face of Nutrition in the 21st Century - What the FDA is doing behind your back to eliminate nutritional supplements from the open market and assign them to the medical profession as "prescriptions".

The Continuing Fraud of Fluoridation - here we are trying to figure out why our immune systems are being devastated by environmental chemicals and we let the dental profession, the FDA and the EPA increase the fluoridation level in drinking water.



From time to time we receive what one might characterize as "hate mail", accusing us of being judgemental and having an un-Christian behavior where we have identified either an ideology or a personage who clearly is outside of scriptural validation with their view, behaviour or theology.

To those we say, without hesitation, that each of us who follow Christ are admonished to identify error - especially if it occurs within the confines of the presumed Christian community. Men create these un-biblical theologies - and if we identify a specific theology which is clearly contradictory to scripture, we are to not only separate from that belief but place it in the light where scripture can be used as its final judge. The individual who follows or promulgates such unscriptural teachings will be judged at a later date by Christ - but we are to identify such wolves who masquerade in sheep's clothing so that others are not drawn into the pit of the unscriptural teaching.

There are those who simply do not understand the difference between identifying the error and judging those who promulgate such error. But, someone has to turn on the flashlight in kitchen at night and force the cockroaches to scurry back under the refrigerator. In an analogy, we are identifying the cockroaches, so to speak, Christ will later deal with their extermination.

So, to those who don't understand this distinction between identification and judgement, I challenge you to come forward with your own flashlight and identify theology or movements that are not scripturally sound - otherwise you serve no purpose in the Christian community other than trying to condemn those who take up the flashlight and look for the critters who creep in the night and lead others astray.

Marian Apparitions - Tens of millions are spiritually captivated by the "signs and wonders" provided by thousands of apparitional sightings of the Virgin Mary. There is no question that something is happening here...but is this latter day phenomenon from God or a deceptive activity by Satan himself whom God says can appear as "an angel of light"?

"The Resurgence of Christian Anti-Semitism" (how Reconstructionism, Dominion Theology and Kingdom Now groups are leading the charge). See how the "Christian Right" and their intelligencia are attempting to drive national policy away from democracy and toward a theocracy which marginalizes the plan God clearly described in scripture for the Jew and National Israel as well as the Church itself.

"Is the Preacher or Adult Sunday School Teacher in Your Church a Woman?" How some "religiously correct" and progressively liberal Evangelical and mainline Protestant churches are slowly drifting away from sound biblical foundations.

Identifying the Last Day's Apostate Church; a combination of Laodicean conditions, the drive for ecumenicism, intellectual dishonesty, and experientially driven theologies(signs and wonders) constitute the glue and threads which will bring about the Last Day's church.

"Why True Bible-Believing Churches are Leaving the National Council of Churches(NCC)"

"Victor Hafichuk - Prophet or Tool of Satan? Thanks to all who have corresponded and encouraged us to write this article and collectively driven this individual off the internet radar, at least for the time being.

Hafichuk very cleverly mixes error with truth and claims to be a last days "prophet" and "judge" who regularly receives communication from God(or perhaps other spiritual entities).

We encourage you to read this rather lengthy but well documented article which includes verbatum statements by Hafichuk that he is not only "perfect" but is "as God".

His organization also is found to state unabiguously that an individual proclaiming faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour is not only satanic but has no assurance of eternity with Christ. Unbelievable!! - and clearly other confused writings from Hafichuk that you will not want to have on your family's coffee table.

Hafichuk's twisted writings have convinced some of their followers to unequivocally state that Jesus Christ did not appear in the past nor will he appear in the future in the flesh but is here, now, in the flesh. Amazing deception is at work. So the leader now has his disciples twisting scripture and assisting Satan's plan to deceive many in these last days.

You will learn about this Canadian cult which draws from neo-Pentacostal and Latter Rain roots to mix a portion of error with just enough truth to snare young men and women away from their Christian, concerned families and into their organization. Many others who clearly refuse to question their Koresch and Jim Jones style authoritarianism are being misled and deceived.

The Dangers of Inclusiveness in Evangelical Christianity(under construction): a careful analysis of the dangers inherent in the "big tent" approach in today's rapidly growing evangelical and fundamental churches. A broader theological denominator requires that some essential elements of the faith be compromised so as to not offend those who we think should be called true "brothers" and "sisters" in the last day's church.

At the same time, is it really correct to apply "exclusivity" in the interpretation of church doctrine?

"Preterism - The Church's Last Apostacy" Again, thanks for the calls and e-mails; The identification of a heretical thread of theology which is slowly invading mainline as well as evangelical churches worldwide. Work in progress.

"Damascus, Syria - Soon to be a Desolation" - a peek into the future based on the many Old Testament references to the last days of Damascus. Work in progress.

Masaru Emoto - a Critical Review of the NY Times Bestseller: "The Hidden Messages in Water"; fact, fiction or more satanic delusions from the darker corners of the New Age? Also appearing in the recent video production: "What the Bleep Do We Know?".

"Will the Real Fundamentalist Christian Please Stand Up" - an insight into how overzealeous labelling of religious groups and ideologies by liberal and modernistic media and special interest groups(feminists, homosexuals, et. al) has incorrectly categorized true Fundamental Christians with a wide variety of other religious groups who clearly do not share Fundamental Christian beliefs, and in many cases deny some of the basic tenants of orthodox Christianity.

A perspective which will allow you to see why a Last Day's apostacy within self-described "Christian" churches is not only possible but in progress at this very moment.

The Heresies of J. Preston Eby: from the wholesale spiritualization of Revelation to how

"... The people’s(Manifested Son's of God) bodies shall even be changed to be fashioned like unto His glorious body as the sons of God go forth to DELIVER CREATION FROM THE BONDAGE OF CORRUPTION"!

Eby promotes the Latter Rain and Manifest Sons of God heresy that was Satan's original promise to Eve...that "...man(here on earth), can become as God". A continuing expose' of individuals falsely posing as latter day "prophets".

Pentacostal Chaos - False Prophets Exposed : "Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? And in thy name have cast out demons(or devils)? And in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you; depart from me, ye that work iniquity". Matthew 7:22.

"Iran in Bible Prophecy" (tomorrow's headlines right here

Don Preston and Kenneth Gentry: Anti-Semitism Front and Center; Preston and other full-preterists believe Jesus Christ returned to earth in A.D. 70. How these Reconstructionist, Kingdom Now and Dominion heresies are leading many unsuspecting, evangelical Christians into a dangerous apostacy in these last days.

The Hidden, Occult Dangers in Vibrational Medicine: Before you hang a shiny crystal from the rear view mirror of your car, or consider the use of "alternative medicine" which uses "VIBRATIONAL MEDICINE", READ THIS.

"Saudi Arabia in Bible Prophecy - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow"

Some comments on the "Kingdom of Heaven" Movie

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Gene Shaparenko, owner.