This new book will save you literally thousands of dollars in time and equipment costs if you are considering starting a new water store. I have copied a portion of the introductory section of chapter 1 here to give you and overview of what this book is all about. We also have a hands-on consulting program, engineering staff for installation and on-site training if you need help beyond the hundreds of pages of information in this book.

gene shaparenko, owner and developer.

This is a comprehensive book on how to build your own water store. It was compiled using carefully selected information drawn from technically and financially successful water store designs. It also draws from some not-so-happy experiences of owners of several less-successful water stores.

This book is not meant to be the last word on how to tailor your own store. It is simply a set of guidelines which will save you considerable time, money and headaches should you decide to enter this exciting and profitable business. Knowing how to do it correctly—-the FIRST time, as well as knowing "where the bodies are buried" in this rapidly growing business can be a lifesaver, and a pocketbook saver as well.

The water store concept is an upbeat business which is hanging onto the coat-tails of the multi-billion dollar per year bottled water business. If one were to pick a growth industry of the 1990's, it would truly have been the drinking water business(bottled and otherwise). We see no abatement of this rapid growth into the 21st century, estimated at between 15% to 20% per year.

In an age when "franchises" for everything from mail boxes to donut shops are capturing the imagination of the would-be entrepreneur, the Water Store somehow stands alone. A successful water store is much different than a franchise, as we shall see in a later section. Many would like to see water stores "franchised"---but the track records of such efforts to date proves that such activities are, at least at this writing, without financial and technical merit as we will quickly demonstrate.

The water store stands as an endeavor requiring a special dedication to the better life through better health. It fits the market which is "upward mobile", not only financially but health wise: exercise, better nutrition, etc. However, the water store requires the same type of business knowledge required to run any type of successful small business.

What makes the water store so fascinating and potentially rewarding is it's strategic position in the overall water market. Consider the following: bottled water sales are reaching the point where one in 12 American's drink some type of bottled water. In California that number increases to one in five, and in some sections of California and several other "sunbelt" states the number soars to one in three.

Also consider that water filter and water purifier sales to home and industry have soared to the point where "mainline" water conditioning companies, strapped by stagnant water softener sales, have added water treatment product lines and have adopted the "packaged" system for the homeowner---a water purifier or filtration system combined with a water conditioner(softener).

Water "vending machines" and parking lot “water kiosks” now dot shopping malls and supermarket frontages. "Mineral water “, "fizz water" and water-based “nutraceutical” sales in supermarkets and health boutiques located in spas and health clubs now line the pockets of water entrepreneurs with tens of millions of dollars annually.

Where does the water store fit into this high-rolling market of Perrier, Culligan, Amway, vending machines, direct sales programs and a hundred other participants?

The key to success is properly defining the "market share" and the market focus that your new water store will take. On the surface, it would appear foolish to compete "dollar-for dollar" with the well-heeled, franchised water conditioning companies; and it would appear even more foolish to try to compete dollar for dollar, delivery-truck for delivery truck with a multi-million dollar bottled water operation.

It turns out that it indeed would be a foolish venture to do these things.
So how can a water store be financially successful when these big bottled water guys are out there on TV every night with a 1 minute ad; the direct sales teams are canvassing the neighborhood every week; a thousand AMWAY, NSA and SHAKLEE distributors are selling filters to captive audiences; and hundreds of water vending machines are scattered throughout the surrounding metropolitan area?

This book will give you the answers to these and other questions—-and will show you how to build a water store from the ground up which can successfully grab business from the "big guys" without having to compete with them(and lose your shirt) in the megabuck advertising and capital equipment areas.

This book will explain the details of the water store, what the technical, financial, physical and emotional requirements will be, and how to keep your business on an even keel once you get started.

Finally, it will give you some of the author's personal experiences, applied to specific problems encountered during his own store-building experiences.

Throughout the book, specific equipment and products will be discussed or mentioned--by name. We note these equipment from our personal water store and sales experiences and the successes and failures which we and others have found with specific products.

Certain vendors and manufacturers may disagree with these statements and that is their right. What we are reporting is not what a particular manufacturer may or may not want you to hear-—but what the retail store owner or water purifier salesperson sees as he views the product and it's actual performance in the consumer marketplace.

We believe there is a measurable credibility gap between the manufacture of certain types of water products and what they truly accomplish at the point-of-use(POU) in the home. In the political arena they call this type of activity “spin”; in the water business it boils down to simple, crass misrepresentation. Find out how to identify the phoney manufacturers and their claims.

We also identify specific vendors/sources for equipment, parts and materials which you will find necessary for your new water store.

The products noted have been found to be superior in one or more respects and are suggested for consideration in your store.

So, sit back now, relax and begin reading about what is now a multi-million dollar business—-and one which is still young enough and wide open enough for you, personally, to get involved in.

This is educational material and similar to proprietary software training programs and is not subject to returns.

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