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"I Found I No Longer Wanted My Coffee"– When I first heard of the Vitalizer Plus™, I searched the internet from many different searches using many different key words.

I also saw that the true value of the Vitalizer Plus™ was barely touched upon... which I am sure will come to light when the information, from The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key by Dr. Mu Shik Jhon, filters through the health conscious communities.

Yes! it is a great processor of ionized minerals and oxygenates, but that only increases the value that it is in hexagonally structured water. It will hydrate your body at an intracellular level - leaving the minerals and releasing the toxins... cleansing and allowing your body to work naturally for its own good.

I say this because that is exactly what happened to me. I knew what was good for my body, but I never carried through. It always came to a point where I would self-sabotage whatever program I was on. Even with money guaranteed products that paraded the fact that if you took this or that you couldn't fail... I would forget to take the product.

When I started drinking Hexagonal Water, my body craved more. I found I no longer wanted my coffee. Natural spring water was not good enough. I wanted that refreshing clear tasting water - never mind what I wanted, my body wanted it! Then the most amazing thing happened... my husband did not want coffee anymore either; just Hexagonal Water... so much so, that when the kids started taking our water out of the fridge, he made sure he processed double. (He is now the Vitalizer Plus™ Master).

Towards the end of May, we had noticed many things. We slept more soundly and felt more refreshed upon awakening. We drank half our body weight in ounces without trying to - its as if our body just made us more alert to its need. My daughter pointed out that my skin on my hands no longer stayed up when she pinched it, but flattened right back down when she let go. Both my husband and I found our bowel movements regular again. I literally felt younger. This is inspiring, because we were not unhealthy ( we take supplements to counter our bad habits)...we were thirsty and had finally found something to quench it.

What surprised me the most was an inner desire to start doing right by my body. I read 12 Steps To Raw and started almost immediately to a renewed acquaintance with raw foods, nuts and grains....and LOVING IT!

I have eaten this way for 40 days along with hydrating my cells by only drinking the Hexagonal Water. This has been done while celebrating at my parents (which is a feast of the most wonderful array of European dishes), attending a 4th of July Barbecue and an all you can eat buffet with my daughters. I wasn't tempted, because my body did not desire any thing but what I have been giving it. It has not been difficult - it is almost like I have slid into another way of life without any devastating transition. My body is working the way I think God had intended, and all the self-destruct function buttons have been removed at the intracellular level with the steady flow of Hexagonal Water. The pounds are melting steadily

I can't contain the good news. I want to share this with everybody. My Mom and Dad love it. My sister and her husband bought their own Vitalizer Plus™. And my skeptical friends couldn't resist, either, after witnessing the effects on me.

Warning: If you are the only one with a Vitalizer Plus in your area, you may turn into the Vitalizer Plus™ Master. This means that friends and relatives that have tasted your wares now expect you to make some for them (which is okay at first) - after all, what does it take to make a few gallons. Multiply it daily and you will see it become a non-paying full-time job... but you will never be lonely!!!!
Have a great day!
With loving gratitude,

"Below Is The Thank You Letter I Sent To Vortex."
Dear Vortex Water Technology:
I received my replacement “Vitalizer Plus™” today. I wanted to thank you for your courtesy and generosity in taking care of my problem.

When I contacted you by phone on July 6th, I explained how my Vitalizer Plus™ had been partially melted by a fire in my kitchen! Without hesitation, you offered to replace it and said I would receive a call in about 30 minutes for confirmation. I felt sorry because I thought the gentleman misunderstood whose fault it was.

Within about 15 minutes I received a call confirming delivery. I re-explained that the fire was definitely my fault and I will pay to repair it. You acknowledged this and still wanted to replace my machine at no cost to me.

I recently began selling your Vitalizer Plus™ and I have found it easy to promote because of my own immediate results from the water. Through this experience, I now have additional knowledge to share about the integrity behind the Vortex Water Technology name!
Thank you again,
Respectfully Yours,

."I Believe it Was the Water That Facilitated This Emotional Connection and Release" – The Vitalizer Plus™ has been a real blessing for me – helping me in a variety of ways. When I first purchased the unit, I did some biofeedback testing to determine how much I should drink. My body indicated only 1⁄2 oz. – so that’s how much I started with. After 2 weeks, I was still only drinking 1 oz. each day, but my body began to respond.

For several days, my bowel movements were a fluorescent orange. Thinking I might be taking too much of the water, I stopped drinking it for 3 days and my bowel movements returned to normal. But as soon as I began to drink the water again, that oily, orange color returned – for several more days. The only thing I can think of that might have been responsible for that sickly orange build up in my body, is the fact that I had silicone poisoning 12 years ago.

Then, several weeks later, I had an even more profound experience! For as long as I can remember, I had been unable to deal with people who didn’t believe me. I am so meticulously honest that when someone would question my sincerity or my honesty, I became very angry.

One afternoon, I was on the phone. The individuals on the other end were unsuccessfully trying to locate some of my records. They were as frustrated as I was and they implied that there were no records and that I had been lying to them. I completely “lost it,” and when I hung up the phone, I began to cry. I cried for about 10 minutes but in my anger and rage I connected with the “core issue” – the reason I could not deal with being called a liar. I remembered telling my parents that I had been molested when I was 9 years old – and how they had refused to believe me. I had been punished and treated as though I were a liar.

I don’t know why I had never made the connection before, but I believe it was the water that facilitated this emotional connection and release. I believe this water works very deeply – at the cellular level, where memory is stored.

I was able to apologize and make everything alright – and since that time I have noticed that I am able to deal with similar circumstances, without getting angry. I am able to “speak my truth” and be more clear with who I am. You can’t imagine how good that feels.

During the 3 months that I have been drinking Vitalized water, I have noticed a complete disappearance of the symptoms of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Rather than the 3, pencil-sized bowel movements I used to have every day, I now have normal bowel movements. This water is amazing! Thank you… I am so grateful!

 "I Began to Cry – an Almost Primal Cry – From The Depths of my Soul." — My experience drinking hexagonal water, made in the Vitalizer Plus, has been wonderful and very cleansing – in ways that I never expected. Not only have I experienced changes in elimination – a noticeable physical cleansing, but I have also experienced deep emotional release. I will never forget the first time I drank the water.

For many years I had viewed my experience as a mother with mixed feelings. On the one hand, I felt I had been a good mother. But on the other hand, I carried a sense of guilt for having not been better. Although I knew my feelings were tied to my own unresolved childhood issues, and although I realized there was no rational reason for my sense of guilt, I seemed to have an old tape that played regularly in my mind and carried with it a sense of guilt and a deep sadness. No amount of self-talk or positive affirmation had been able to free me of that old pain and hurt.

I remember the first night I drank Vitalized Water. I drank a good sized glass – it tasted so good. I retired to bed as usual but was awakened early in the morning – about 3:00 AM – with that same old tape running in my mind. Only this time something was different. I began to cry – an almost primal cry – from the depths of my soul. It was a cry like I had never cried before – so different, so cleansing and so full of release. It was as though all that childhood hurt came pouring out of me in 5 minutes. Then within the next few hours and days, I began to get clarity and a much healthier perspective regarding my own children. The unfounded guilt I had carried all those years was gone—replaced with a peacefulness that has stayed with me.

In the months following that initial release, I have noticed that my relationships with my children are much cleaner and unburdened.

I am absolutely convinced that this release was connected with the water, and though my experience seemed so unique and totally unexpected, I have since learned that others have experienced emotional releases as well. My family and many of my friends are drinking Vitalized water – we love it!

"It was as Though I was “Hyper-Present” – Even a Bit “Trippy.”" — When I was introduced to Hexagonal Water and The Vitalizer Plus™, I was advised to begin drinking the water a little at a time. So, I began with only 1 oz. the first day. Within 4 days I was drinking 4 oz. each morning and I began to notice an intestinal cleansing – similar to a colon cleanse – only more gentle. At that point, I recognized the wisdom of beginning slowly.

I am quite in touch with my body—enough to know that my way of detoxifying involves symptoms which are similar to those I experience during my monthly cycle – headache, emotional sensitivity, etc. These are the symptoms I experienced for several days after I began drinking the water. It was similar to other cleanses I had been through but even though it was more gentle, it seemed to be deeper – more “cellular.”

Then one afternoon I was with a group of friends and we had the Vitalizer running. Without thinking, I drank 2 glasses of the water – it was so refreshing.

Within a few minutes I experienced an almost giddy sensation. It was as though I was “hyper-present” – even a bit “trippy.” It wasn’t a negative feeling, but for me, it was an interesting experience – an indication of the significance and the power of this incredible water.

In the very short time that I have been drinking Vitalized water, I have also noticed that I am using less lotion on my normally dry skin – only it isn’t as dry anymore! My skin is softer and I have noticeably more energy.

"I Began to have Intense and Very Spiritual Dreams!" — I am a person who never liked to drink water – until I was introduced to the Vitalizer Plus. But I can honestly say that I have “fallen in love.” It has been like being introduced to water for the first time in my life. When I drink Vitalized water, there is a feeling of cellular hydration and I almost crave it. Now, for the first time in my life, water (Vitalized water), is my chosen beverage.

For the first few days, I drank only 3 ounces of the water each day. I went through a short period of what I will call detoxification and I felt a bit dizzy and feverish. That lasted several days and then it passed. Since drinking more of the water, I have noticed that my body apparently has the water it needs. My colon is hydrated and my bowel movements are heavier. I urinate more frequently, yet I need less lotion and my skin is softer.

Beyond the physical benefits, I have experienced other manifestations of the, efficacy of Vitalized water. Within days, I began to have intense and very spiritual dreams. On more than one occasion I was surrounded by water – flowing with it and moving through it effortlessly. It was almost as if I was being introduced to water on more than one level. For me, it was additional verification that I was pursuing a correct course of action with the water.

Amazingly enough, I also noticed that shortly after I began drinking Vitalized water, a number of “not so useful” patterns from my childhood, began to surface – allowing me to “look at” and “release” old beliefs and familial patterns that were not in my best interest. I feel like I am having a “love-affair” with this water!

"We Are So Happy To Have The Vitalizer Plus"— During the first couple weeks of using the hexagonal water, I noticed a very subtle change in my emotions. I was becoming much calmer and able to deal with more issues and problems without getting an attitude over it.
I have greatly appreciated this unexpected change.

I've also noticed that when I begin a project that requires a lot of physical activity I not only have the ability but the desire to keep on going like the energizer bunny. Quite a change for me. My sedentary job has sapped my ability to do much physical labor in a sustained fashion. But now, once I start on a physical activity (cleaning, gardening, or any other physical work) look out — I become like a whirling dervish.

This is what happened with my next entry:
I ended up cleaning out my weedy garden for 8 hours straight. At the end I suffered no aching muscles, nor did I have to visit the chiropractor because of it (which is usually the case). Even after 8 hours I could have keept on going.

The next day I had a severe allergic reaction to pollen overload from the weeding in my yard. Usually these severe reactions are reflected in what anyone else would think is just a major cold. It's my body's way of immediately getting rid of the allergens. It ususally last a very uncomfortable (worse than a regular cold) 10 to 15 days. I immediately began drinking quite a bit more of the hexagonal water and that reaction was cut down to 5 days. I was amazed at the power of this water.

I also keep a small bottle of this water in my bathroom and use it for rinse water when I brush my teeth. I have long tried to figure out how to get past using my household clorinated water in my mouth for toothbrushing/rinsing. Since the shelflife of the hexagonal water is so long, I can keep a bottle of this water in the bathroom for a week with no problems. If we kept a bottle of our city's water bottled for a week it would get moldy and polluted.

My husband is a warehouseman who sometimes ends up having to unload trucks by hand. Recently he unloaded a whole truck by himself, the boxes weighing a minimum of 40 # each. He commented that he never had any muscle aches at all after that job, and is sure it's because of the hexagonal water he's been drinking.

We are so happy to have the Vitalizer Plus machine/ Thanks

C.S., Gahanna Ohio

"This Product Is In A Class Of It's Own" — If you want to drink pure, alkalized and restructured water you will want to buy the Vitalizer Plus™ machine. This product has totally changed my life, I have more energy, I'm looking and feeling better than I did at 20, at 45. A lifetime problem with dealing with problematic skin, has cleared up completely in only 6 weeks. My adult acne is gone. ALSO, the additional hydration of my skin, has totally lifted most lines out of my face, especially in the forehead region, and, around the eyes.

This is totally amazing. It's also assisted me, in my mission to quit smoking, and, I'm finding that the desire for cigarettes is being flushed right out of me. THIS PRODUCT is in a CLASS of it's OWN. THANK YOU for giving us a product, that is equal to, or better than anything else we have. This product is going to have a massive impact on the health & well-being of everyone who comes into contact with it. LIVING WATER = LIVING BETTER IT'S truly like being on a mission to create " new levels of caring for our lifestyles"
S.L.S.Certified Hermetic Healer, Crystal Reiki Master, Reiki Master

"The Vitalizer Is a Very Powerful Tool" — Your body is 70% water and the water you bathe in or drink can be the most vital and powerful supplement you take or it can be your worst health nightmare! Professionally, my experience has proved to me the many benefits of including clean restructured, alkaline water in all health programs.

The Mineral Cube imparts a mild, stable ALKALINE, bio-static and anti-fungal property to water that is combined with beneficial sub-micron minerals including calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. These are slowly released by the filter, creating a very rare type of water that has been shown to have many unique and beneficial health effects.

The Water Vitalizer Plus™ is a Water enhancer. It does not purify your water.
It structures water — powerful magnetic and infrared forces reduce the size of individual water clusters, creating Hexagonal Water for more rapid penetration into your body.

It increases oxygen — turbulent forces create a visible vortex, increasing the amount of oxygen in your drinking water - up to 30%.

It adds minerals — a mineral core within the unit releases structure-making minerals during the vitalizing process to help structure the water and increase alkalinity.
It adds energy — the resulting energy in Vitalized water is enough to begin to balance the organs of your body— within minutes after drinking.

The Vitalizer™ is a very very powerful tool to advance better health. I heartily recommend it.-

Dr. D.W.

"I Just Love The Way I Feel!"— 61 days after drinking Vitalizer Plus™ enhanced water, I must say I just love the way I feel! I started slowly on the 9 minute mineral cycle and increased up to the 27 minute without a hitch! I didn't have a big detox physical or emotional, but did feel somewhat elated the next day after sleeping very well that evening!

The apparent hydration of the Hexagonal Water appears to have greatly improved my body's elimination process by a few times a day! I thought once a day was normal for my body all this time, but apparently with true hydration, that whole process can be greatly improved to benefit the body naturally! I feel so GOOD and have lots of ENERGY! My skin appears softer, nicer too.
My critters are also drinking the Hexaganol Water 100% and have shown an increase in their awareness and desire to play! The hydration has also helped their elimination, while drinking less as well!
I plan on sharing this "Life Giving" appliance with MANY people and those I come in contact with! I feel Water and Air are Key to Health, and unless we drink and breath the purist of each, the quality of our health just won't be as high! Thanks for educating me on the "VPlus" benefits!-


"Some People Have Said It Is All In My Mind"— I love this water!!!! I have tried all my life to be healthy. I have been open-minded to everything I came across to no avail. I asked Drs, nurses, nutritionists, health food stores, friends, enemies; I left no door unopened. NOTHING helped me. In fact I found myself slowly getting worse. This last Easter I felt like giving up….and then the Vitalizer Plus™ came my way. This was the very first thing that I have ever tried that gave me immediate results. Each day was better than the last. It is difficult to put into words how or why this water has helped me so fast. But after reading these books…it makes so much sense! I feel better, sleep deeper, wake up with more energy and can accomplish things again. I’m losing weight quickly and even have color in my skin again. Some people have said it is all in my mind. Well, as I understand it…my brain is made up of 85% water! So…maybe it is! -

P. T.

Now, let's hear from you - and your experiences with the Vitalizer Plus™.