1. What type of water shall I use with the Vitalizer Plus™? Steam distilled water will give you the best results; very good reverse osmosis water will give you fair results; tap or spring water will provide few if any results.

Distilled water is completely free from extraneous ionic or inorganic material which will destroy the bonds between small clusters of water molecules; reverse osmosis, even with brand new units, allows a significant amount of these "structure-breaking" ions through the membrane. As the reverse osmosis membrane ages(a few weeks, perhaps a few months) the water quality deteriorates further to the point that results with the Vitalizer Plus™ will be questionable or perhaps not noticeable.

Many dealers recommend reverse osmosis with the Vitalizer Plus™ either because they are not familiar with the various types of water treatment systems or because reverse osmosis is the only type of water system they happen to carry. We carry all types of water systems, including reverse osmosis, but we are interested in you, the customer, getting significant results with this unit, rather than being disappointed with mediocre or few results.

It has been shown that distilled water on its own has a significant number of hexagonal water formations while reverse osmosis has what is called "pentagonal" water formations, a characteristic which has been associated with a wide variety of bodily immune disfunctions.

Some popular health books which discuss the Vitalizer Plus™ recommend spring water - which is admirable but which will yield marginal results since spring water can contain a varity of "structure-breaking" ions and thus defeat the purpose of the entire process. Since one does not know the precise composition of spring water, you take a chance that some ions in that spring water may be "good" and some "bad". Using pure water(distilled), free from any extraneous "structure breaking" ions is the sure and definitive way to achieve sterling results with this product. Distilled water is used by all commercial producers of super hydrating water - individuals and companies who discourage the use of distilled water with this product are simply misinformed and are out of touch with commercial production capabilities of super-hydrating water.

If you do not own a water distillation system, we recommend you purchase some distilled water from a reputable grocery store and determine how many gallons of this type of water you will use on a weekly basis. Once you find the type of results you are expecting with the Vitalizer Plus™, as well as the amount of distilled water you are using weekly, you can evaluate various types of batch, countertop distillers or fully-automatic distillers for your personal or family use.

2. How long will the hexagonal, vitalized water last? Typically, around 20 days if it is kept in a clean glass or a #7 polycarbonate container in a refrigerator. Most customers use the water within a day or so, but if it is desired to make and store the vitalized water in batches ahead of time of use, then the 20 day utility can be expected.

3. What type of results can I expect from using water processed by the Vitalizer Plus™ ? A new book written by MJ Pangman and published by Uplifting Press and entitled "Hexagonal Water - The Ultimate Solution" covers a dozen or more major areas where results may be observed. Ms. Pangman lists and covers the following areas in this book: dehydration, dry skin, acne, premature wrinkles, constipation, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, hypertension, weight management, endema and water retention, fatigue, diabetes, asthma, mental clarity and cognitive function, joint pain, emotional release.

At the least, this is an impressive array of areas where individuals have reported marked results as well as areas where clinical studies have shown that small water clusters such as those produced by the Vitalizer Plus™ have produced verifiable improvements in various types of laboratory tests.

Everyone will not experience the same results. However, the simple process of increased cellular hydration may manifest itself in perhaps one or more of the areas above.

One results which we did not expect was what is called "cellular dissociation" and is directly related to a wide variety of cardiovascular issues which are beyond the intent of this webpage. Suffice it to say that a short visit to the "cellular dissociation" webpage will provide encouragement to those who may be suffering from poor nutritional absorption, efficient detoxification of cells as well as poor circulation.

4. I am experiencing headaches, bad breath, cold symtoms and exessive body odor as well as a bright yellow urine as a result of using the Vitalizer Plus™ water. What's the story? All of these conditions are classical characteristics of a body undergoing the release and expelling of toxins of various types. If these symptoms are acute, reduce the amount of Vitalizer Plus™ water to a level where a more gradual detoxification may occur. Ex-smokers may experience the expelling of foul-smelling material(nicotene) from underarms or other body surfaces.

5. Can I use the Vitalizer Plus™ water in cooking, coffee or tea? Some organizations and dealers will make claims that the electromagnetics and "tourmaline" used in the production of the Vitalizer Plus™ water creates a sufficiently stable hexagonal form to be sustained under heating or steaming. We have not seen laboratory test data to validate these claims.

What we do know about this type of water, as illustrated by Dr. Lee Lorenzen and others, is that the colder the hexagonal water, the more stable its structure. If follows that when this type of water is heated, it tends to break up the small water clusters by way of thermal, kinetic energies.

6. What happens if I use the Vitalizer Plus™ water with liquor? The super-hydrating characteristics of the Vitalizer Plus™ water will provide exceptionally high levels of cellular absorption of any type of fluid or nutrient. Unless you plan to pass out on the floor after a single highball, don't use the Vitalizer Plus™ water as a mixer.

7. What type of container is recommended for storing the Vitalizer Plus™ water? We recommend either glass or a polycarbonate bottle for storage. The polycarbonate material should preferably be made in the USA and have a "7" enclosed in the recyclable "diamond" insignia on the bottom of the water bottle. There is a lot of media-generated confusion about the #7 polycarbonate - confusion driven by over-zealous environmentalists as well as media talking heads who are not aware of the history or occurrance of problems with polycarbonate and bis-phenol A. Call us for a concise summary of this issue if you are confused.

8. What type of general reading material is available on hydration and hexagonal water? We divide the reading material into two groups: first, medical-level material such as Dr. F. Batmanghelidj's "Your Body's Many Cries for Water(you are not sick, you are thirsty!)",published by Global Health Solutions, Inc. and Yang Oh and Gil Ho Kim's "Miracle Molecular Structure of Water", published by Dorrance Publishing, Inc.

These two well-written books will give you authoritative information on why the body needs water and which bodily functions are degraded when an adequate amount of cellular water is not available.

The second group of books includes Dr. Mu Shik Jhon's "The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key" and MJ Pangman's "Hexagonal Water - The Ultimate Solution". These two books are available on our website HERE or through

These two books provide documented evidence of not only the process by which micro-clustered, hexagonal water can be produced but also medical evidence of the effect of this type of water on bodily functions - thus "closing the loop" with the medical-level materials discussed in the first part of this question.

9. What type of results can I experience if I exercise vigorously and use the Vitalizer Plus™ Water? Results will probably vary, but a sample of what one could expect could be typified by a call we received from a customer in Massachusetts who was able to record a significant drop in average and peak heartbeat rates on his exercise machine after using water from the Vitalizer Plus™. The best answer we could provide to him was the "cellular dissociation" and related, improved blood flow that may be experienced after the use of this water. While he was experiencing this significant heart rate reduction, he stated he was also able to increase the tension on his elliptical exerciser by 15 percent and still observe the improved, reduced heart rate.

10: How much Vitalizer Plus water shall I initially use and how quickly can I increase this amount? This depends on your body weight as well as how badly dehydrated and toxified your body is. We recommend beginning slowly, perhaps 3-5 ounces every few hours the first day or so and then progressing by the end of the first week to a two or three 8 ounces glasses of water daily. Too much Vitalizer Plus™ water too quickly may results in a rapid detoxification process with bad body odor, perhaps headaches as well as bright yellow urine for a day or two. Listen to your body and ease into the procedure.

11. How important is the increase in pH shown in the Vitalizer Plus™ water tests? Body pH is an extremely controversial issue, with many nutritional practitioners promoting the use of alkaline(high pH) water to "offset" the effects of highly acidic(low pH) diets(meats, etc.). Unfortunately, there are no verified laboratory tests which can substantiate this claim. Go HERE if you have an interest in this alkalinity controversy.

By comparison, an increasing number of controlled laboratory tests on various types of animals is contining to yield bad news, namely consistent occurrances of internal organ disorders and mycocardia.

The use of alkaline water originated in Japan where pregnant women found that by using such water, their chances of having a boy rather than a girl increased substantially. Such cultural characteristics have led to extravagent but unverifiable health claims which have migrated from Asia to the West where many unsuspecting(and unquestioning) health practitioners have begun promoting these types of beverages.

Medical doctors with whom I have discussed this alkaline issue recommend that such water be avoided for the simple reason that dilution of blood pH by the presence of a significant amount of alkaline(or even acidic) pH liquids can cause serious health problems related to the blood chemistry.

Their recommendation is that if there is a concern regarding the intake of acidic foods, these foods should be balanced by green vegetables which have an alkaline fibre but a neutral pH for their liquid content(basically distilled water).

The upward shift of the pH scale after use of the Vitalizer Plus™ is indeed minimal and basically insignificant compared to the digestive tract pH which is usually maintained in the range of 2 to 3. The addition of highly alkaline liquids to the digestive tract, particularly during the ingestion of foods thus dilutes the digestive acids and results in poor digestion of all types of food products.

The Vitalizer Plus' primary function is one of HYDRATION rather than pH adjustment of drinking water. We recommend you consult a physician if you plan to ingest high pH liquids such as "alkaline water".

12. How important is the increase in oxygen shown in the Vitalizer Plus™ water tests? Oxygen is vitally important in cellular activity. If water fails to penetrate the cellular membrane and enter the cell itself, cell health may suffer in many ways. Healthy cells are "aerobic", meaning they need oxygen to survive.

Oxygen, along with food, is the primary nutrient that cells use to generate energy. Oxygen starvation at the cellular level is what causes cells to be too weak to manufacture the enzymes that protect them. The oxygen starved cells are vulnerable to invasion by the always present viruses and pathogens.

Water which is capable of hydrating the cells carries oxygen as part of its H2O molecular structure. Without hydration, this oxygen transfer is sorely lacking.

Free oxygen, carried with "normal" drinking water may penetrate the cells to a small degree. Such is the short term effect producted by the vortex in the Vitalizer Plus. This oxygen level is only a few parts per million above the normal composition of tap water as shown on the chart HERE.

The PRIMARY source of oxygen transfer into the cells is therefore by the water molecules themselves; and with the water now in a super hydrating form, this oxygen transfer is far in excess than that which can be provided by "oxygen enriched beverages" or other oxygen-based supplements.

Without water with exceptionally good hydration capabilities, these other supplements will also fail to cross the membrane into the cell where they can be of use to cellular energy production activities.

13. What information can you provide on the ionic, structure-making minerals which are added via the "mineral cube" in the Vitalizer Plus™? They are bioavailable and ionic in form, therefore assimable via the cell’s aquaporin channels. They have electrical characteristics which bond only small amounts of water molecules to them in water clusters, thereby allowing more efficient hydration of the body’s cells.

Finally, they are not present in sufficient amounts to be considered a significant portion of the daily mineral intake required by the body. Additional organic or colloidal minerals are needed by way of fruits, vegetables or high quality nutritional supplements.

14. Some people ask about the Vitalizer Plus™ and the product "Vitamin O". Are these producing the same results? The attributes of “Vitamin O” are unknown insofar as its abiity to hydrate individual cells. Oxygen is most effectively delivered to the internal areas of cells by water which contains oxygen. Hydration, as provided by the Vitalizer Plus™ is therefore considered far more effective than oxygen bonded to various types of water(which may or may not penetrate cells effectively) and added to the diet.

15. How long will the mineral cube last and what is the resultant cost of operation per gallon of Vitalizer Plus™ water produced? See question #16 below.

16. How do I know when the mineral cube is exhausted or no longer effective? A LED displaying "CC" will become illuminated on the front panel when 3800 collective minutes of the 4000 minute estimated lifetime of the mineral cube has occurred. For example, if 18 minute "batches" are produced, approximately 200 cycles at 18 minutes can be produced before the 4000 minutes is exceeded. At three(3) quarts per batch, this amounts to about 150 US gallons of Vitalizer Plus™ water between successive mineral cubes.

The Vitalizer Plus™ can be "reset" for another, subsequent mineral cube and another 4000 operating minutes by depressing buttons #2 and #3 simultaneously.

At this rate, the cost per gallon of Vitalizer Plus water is roughly 50 cents per US gallon. Compared to similar water purchased over the counter(VIVO, PENTA, etc. at $1.50 per half liter or about $11.50 per US gallon, the home made super hydrating water is more than 20 times more affordable.

17. Is it wise to add other "minerals" to the Vitalizer Plus™ to increase its effectiveness? If a few ionic minerals added to the Vitalizer Plus™ water process by way of the mineral cube are good, some people think that adding more minerals to the process will be better. Such is not the case because not only is the specific mineral important but also the form it appears in. Many ask if the minerals from the Great Salt Lake in Utah are appropriate and the answer is NO because these minerals have no nutritional value to plant or animal life, otherwise the Great Salt Lake would be thriving with all types of fish and plant life...and obviously that is not the case.

These types of minerals from the Great Salt Lake are therefore useless for anything other than increasing the mineral content of the body's electrolytes and are not bioavailable and therefore not of any use internal to the body's cells for nutritional value. Extensive use of these types of minerals actually creates a dehydration condition, resulting in poor cellular health, slow degredation of inter-cellular communication(and central nervous system responsiveness).

The types of minerals which are suitable for the Vitalizer Plus™ need to be ionic in form, from plant life or sources which have grown during photosynthesis. See the answer to Question 18 below for additional information on this topic of minerals.

18. What types of mineral supplements do you recommend for effective bodily absorption using the Vitalizer Plus™ water? As noted above in the answer to Question #17, only ionic minerals are suitable for formation of the small water clusters. Deep seawater minerals, harvested from 3000 to 4000 feet in the ocean at selected global locations have been found to not only be ionic in nature for full cellular absorption but include up to 80 of the essential trace minerals needed by the body.

In fact, this type of water(less chlorides) is virtually indistinguishable from the human body's blood mineral composition. This fluid was used extensively in WWII, Vietnam and Korea when blood plasma was unavailable.

For additional information on how ionic minerals are being harvested and used in a growing number of products visit

19. How about other nutritional supplements which can be used with the Vitalizer Plus™ water? Ionic mineral supplements(see Question #18 above) from reliable sources such as deep seawater can be seen at Powerful nutritional supplements you may want to evaluate for use with pure distilled water processed by the Vitalizer Plus™ can be seen HERE.

20. How about feeding the Vitalizer Plus™ water to pets? There is a comical movie starring Jim Carey called "The Mask" where Carey's dog puts on a magical mask and turns into a virtual powerhouse and into an exceedingly great threat to the life and limb of those around the animal.

My suggestion is if you have a healthy pet and want to have a HYPERACTIVE dog, cat or other pet, give the animal Vitalizer Plus™ water. On the other hand, if you want to ensure that your pet gets the greatest benefit from supplements or nutrients, consider giving the pet only a modest amount of the Vitalizer Plus™ water. Watch for strange results as the pet will probably have an extraordinary amount of energy and perhaps have trouble sleeping due to increased intercellular activity(similar to human results) which keeps the central nervous system active and the body awake.

We would be interested in any results you may observe with your pets and Vitalizer Plus™ water and note those results here for others to review.

21. "I read on the Internet advertisements of other distributors of the Vitalizer Plus™ that the process of electrolysis is used to create the Hexagonal Water in the Vitalizer Plus™. Is this correct?" Electrolysis is NOT used in the Vitalizer Plus™. Distributors or dealers who use this descriptor do NOT understand the operating principles of this device and probably should not be selling it or trying to explain to the public how it works. The process of electrolysis is completely different from the methods used in the Vitalizer Plus™. Knowledgeable dealers are aware of this distinction.(see discussion of Electrolyzed Water at the end of this page).

22. "I read on the Internet advertisements of other distributors of the Vitalizer Plus™ that ANY type of drinking water can be converted into Hexagonal Water using the Vitalizer Plus™. Is this correct?" Again, the distributor who is making this statement clearly does not understand the basic principles of operation of this device. Not understanding how the device works would make it very difficult for that individual or company to assist you with the operation, maintenance or evaluation of benefits from the system.

Using tap water or water with any significant amount of dissolved mineral solids will virtually eliminate any benefits of the water produced with the Vitalizer Plus™. All commercial manufacturers of functional, hexagonal water use steam distilled water to produce a product which will provide measurable, significant results.

23. Is the Vitalizer Plus™ producing "charged" water? No. Electrolysis is the process which produces a charged, alkaline or acidic water. The hexagonal water produced by the Vitalizer Plus is a naturally structured water, similar to that in pure snow, rain and ice. Electrolyzed water is completely unnatural and is not healthy for consumption, contrary to what many uninformed water dealers and nutritionists seem to think. (see the discussion on Electrolyzed Water at the end of this page).

24. An Internet retailer of the Vitalizer Plus™ makes the following statement regarding hexagonal water.

"When water is blessed properly, research by Dr. Emoto has shown that it forms perfect hexagonal structures. Any other structure in water is a compromise. Polluted and distilled water has virtually no structure at all! "

What, if any, truth is there to this statement?

First, Dr. Emoto has been exposed as a fraud and has appeared to have fabricated a wide variety of test results which he has used to sell several books on the subject of "structured" water, some of which have been on the New York Times best seller lists and made him very wealthy. You can see what Emoto's confusion is and what walls he is bouncing off at this site.

Emoto furnishes no scientific information or test data to substantiate any of his claims of water structuring, much less the production of 'hexagonal' water by praying over it.

Secondly, distilled water is similar in structure to pure rain, snow or ice which contains hexagonal water structures, naturally. The denigrating statements by this retailer regarding distilled water simply illustrates a singular lack of knowledge of basic water physics.

Selling products for which one has inadequate or erroneous information is fraudulent and misleading to a public which deserves much better and honest information on such a crucial subject as water and hydration. Caveat Emptor!(beware of where you buy your products!)

A Special caution about the use of Electrolyzed(charged) Water:

Colloids are minute particles which normally possess negative surface charges, thus repelling one another. The Rouleaux effect(or "clumping" effect) is caused by cells somehow losing their repelling effect and "clumping", thus reducing oxidation areas and creating blockage of local blood flow. This clumping effect is suspected of reducing the effective surface areas of the cells to less than 10-20%.

Positive ions(cations) such as "structure breaking" aluminum carry a net, positive charge. Thus, compounds made from aluminum can destroy(or negate) the negative charge on the colloid, destabilizing or polymerizing it and causing the coagulation or Rouleaux effect since the electrical charges which kept the colloids discretely separate now are neutralized.

Aluminum, a known "structure breaking" ion also disrupts the ability of water hydrate cells.

Consider the popular "Micro-Water(MW)" water electrolyzing system for a moment.

MW creates cathodic water(alkaline or reduced water) by attracting cations(such as aluminum compounds) to a negative electrode. Similarly, oxidized or anodic water is created by anions(negatively charged ions, gathering at the positive electrode.

Owners of the MW unit are told to use the cathodic(or cationic) water for drinking(it has a alkaline pH) while the acidic water which is collected at the positive electrode is to be used for washing the skin, etc.

As noted above, colloidal chemistry tells us that using this type of alkaline water clearly causes a disaster for our bodily fluids(which are colloidal solutions) because the cationic concentrate simply goes about neutralizing the individually (negatively) charged colloids and creating the Rouleaux or clumping effect.

The effect is identical to drinking lime in tap water which leads directly to this same type of cellular aggregation. No wonder cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in the US---and is predominant where lime and calcium carbonate materials are prevalent. Drinking electrolyzed(alkaline) water simply concentrates this lime and calcium carbonate in the digestive system, potentially producing circulatory problems in the major organs(kidneys and heart/cardiovascular system.)




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