"...the core of each DNA double helix is a column of water clusters...Small hexagonal water clusters fit into and through the hexagonal channels in cell membranes and inside the cell, swiftly delivering their goods and removing wastes." (Source: Water as a Communicator - Institute of Heartmath Research Center).

"...Aging is a loss of Hexagonal Water from organs, tissues and cells, and an overall decrease in total body water. Replenishing the Hexagonal Water in our bodies can increase vitality, slow the aging process, and prevent disease". Molecular Water Environment Theory: Dr. Mu Shik Jhon.

"Abundant data now exists to show that water, structured by applied electric and magnetic fields of a variety of configurations and magnitudes, beneficially influences seed germination, plant growth and a human's sense of beverage softness and flavor as well as personal physical well-being.

All the variants of homeopathic processing show that beneficial health benefits for living systems can also be incorporated into the subtle levels of water. Thus, water appears to be an amazing host or solvent for carrying both general as well as specific health enhancements to the end user.

Although we presently have some understanding of how to produce such beneficial structural changes in water, it is still very meager considering the vast potential that seems possible with water.

It is our lack of basic understanding that keeps us from:

(1) preparing water in a highly reproducible fashion for a specific end use;

(2) reliably controlling the lifetime of the unique structure given to water by a given process;

(3) reliably detecting and monitoring the specific structural and informational variants imbedded into a specific water product over time so as to have a quality control capability for that product; and

(4) predicting better pathways for water treatment using old or present processes as well as defining what would produce a superior process.

Now is the time to seriously invest in gaining the required understanding needed for sound commercialization of water products. The storehouse of this vast potential will not be able to be unlocked without careful research directed toward the four points set out in the previous paragraph. It is proposed that funding to support this specific research should be sought now".

Dr. William Tiller - Professor Emeritus, Materials Science, Stanford University (12/1/95)





A Few Words About the "Naysayers"

It is important to point out that as in virtually every emerging science there are those who take up the mantle of antagonist and dispute the basic claims in functional waters, or worse, dispute the very existance of any empirical data which validates the emerging functional water sciences.

We find that most of these antagonists come from the academic world or some aspect of orthodox medicine and appear to have some book knowledge but little or no practical or hands-on experience in the sciences they criticize. We cannot find any scientific, peer-reviewed papers or studies by these highly critical individuals which support their criticisms and must conclude that they have failed in the research or development areas or simply have not been able to succeed in the business marketplace for one reason or another.

Many of them are good candidates for attending anger management courses and whose positions on various health, nutritional and medical issues have lost in formal court cases.

These antagonists most likely have failed to keep up with their peers in scientific discoveries and now take great pride in denouncing advancements in sciences where they themselves have failed to make significant contributions. Bitterness, libel and unending ad-hominem attacks are prevalent throughout their websites.

These antagonists have separated themselves from academia and the medical professions for one reason or another and fortunately are no longer in a position to adversely influence the creative minds of college students who may someday be major contributors to scientific advancement.

We hear from an increasing number of reliable sources that the funding and support for many of these antagonists and naysayers is coming from the US drug and pharmaceutical industries. If that is true, it explains the virulent nature of many of these attacks on functional waters. Conventional solutions to various physiological disorders by the orthodox medical community has and will continue to be the financially rewarding slice and drug industries.

An alternative solution as simple as functional water is anethema to the drug and orthodox medical industries and any attempt to present such an alternative is met with paid wildeyed naysayers disputing even what many conventional medical reearchers have determined are not only verifiable techniques for analyzing functional water characteristics but shocking information on dramatic health improvements by way of functional water.

Few scientific breakthroughs are without such virulent animosity and ad hominem attacks. Functional water is a complex science and, although not fully understood in all respects, is continuing to develop a more solid foundation in both general industry as well as the beverage market.

It is a specialty science and has yet to gain significant interest in the research community. Yet, significant results in selected medical and industrial applications indicate that important breakthroughs and significant results are close at hand.

We have considered posting the names and websites of individuals who fall into this category and whose credibility has been repeatedly found to be unreliable in situations even involving court cases pertaining to their slanderous remarks. However, you can check for yourelf by a quick Google search under topics such as "functional water" or related subjects will bring their nonsensical and unscientific drivel directly to your computer screen.