This portion of the website discusses the various computer and modeling tools available for use in the construction and on-going operation of the new water store. These tools are available from Aqua Technology as part of the consultation program offered to construct new water stores.


Any successful business must incorporate a variety of professional tools to assist in the construction and operation of the enterprise. Some of these tools may be part and parcel of the background experience of the new business owner while other tools may need to be "imported" into the business enterprise.

While experience in various business enterprises is always good to have prior to embarking on a new profession such as water stores, water stores represent a significant departure from conventional retail activities and thus require a certain amount of outside professional assistance in order to ensure a timely and error-free path toward profitability.

It is indeed a rare case where we see large companies fall flat on their face in the course of normal business activities. To ensure stability and sure-footed growth activities, the larger companies employ a significant amount of strategic planning to bolster their decision making activities.

Today, greater and greater portions of these strategic planning activities are based on computer simulations, modeling, projections and other parametric data which gives management heretofore unavailable information upon which to evaluate the company's strategic position in the marketplace.

In today's dynamic marketplace, dozens of parameters are at play daily, affecting management decisions with respect to new products, competition, research and development and pricing strategies. Without these new computerized simulation and modeling tools, companies interested in not only survival but sustained growth in a dog eat dog competitive marketplace would certainly fail.

Now, the same tools with are used in these large Fortune 500 companies; tools which large consulting firms use to create business models for their large clients; computer tools which can provide higher probability of success(or failure prediction) are available to small corporations such as the privately owned water store.

Unfortunately, many water store owners around the country believed that the business of running a water store was a "slam dunk" activity---just sell a bunch of water to people bringing in water jugs. These water store owners are now awaking to the reality that their original business plan was poorly matched to the business environment of their community.

They are also finding that in order to "make ends meet", they need to sell other items such as roses, balloons, teddy bears, confectioneries, Lotto and phone cards---and the list goes on. What a tragic end to a business which could have been a cornerstone in the community rather than rapidly disintegrating into what can only be described as a potpourri of five and dime activities.

A well structured water store does not need to end up in that business waste heap. Good equipment, good management and good planning go hand in hand in a small water store just as importantly as a Fortune 500 company.

Which brings us to a short summary of some of the facets of strategic planning and business modeling.


Some of the questions that strategic planning and business modeling provides answers to are:

  • "what can I do to improve my current business position?
  • "how do I stack up against the competition when I build my water store in their area?"
  • "how can I protect/position my new water store against competition which will certainly arrive when they see I am successful in my new enterprise?"
  • "how do various environmental factors(culture, economics, government, demographics, etc) influence what the makeup of the water store should be and how it should be operated?"
  • "how can I evaluate the commercial and industrial attractiveness of a water store entering a new geographical market?"
  • "how can I use product specialization to achieve competitive advantages against existing and future market entrants?"
  • "how can I determine the relationship between the important parameters of profitability, market share and product quality in the water store?"
  • "how do I integrate product quality factors such as performance, durability, features, brand recognition, reliability and serviceability to water store profitability and market share?"
  • "how do I evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of competitors in the same area?" How can I use various types of competition to my advantage?"
  • "if I introduce a new product to the public in my water store, what is the likelihood that I can defend my new position and maintain leadership in that marketplace?"
  • "how can I use product differentiation and market scope to better my advantage in a competitive business environment?"

And, the list goes on.

>Sample product of business modelling illustrating strategic position of well-planned water store compared to conventional water store.


Just like the "big guys", computer modeling for the water store is based on three things:

  1. answers to a comprehensive set of questions related to the environmental issues which surround the new store(see above: culture, economics, government, demographics, etc).
  2. data from a "straw man" water store model based on highly successful water stores;
  3. another list of interrogatory questions regarding the goals and resources of the new store owner.

Several dozen charts and matrices are then produced which illustrate the strength (and weakness) of the hypothetical water store operation in a dynamic business environment.

The model can also serve as an ongoing planning tool---providing confirmation of ongoing, good business decisions---and well as providing "wake up calls" for corrective actions which the models indicate are necessary to maintain a cohesive and solid growth curve for the store.

This is how the "big guys" do it; now you can do it as well as part of the consultation program offered by Aqua Technology for new water store developments.

Call us today to schedule a consultation conference where we can show you how both our hardware and software business experience can help you make good, sound decisions for your new water store business.











































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