In a rapidly expanding business area such as drinking water, it is not unusual to encounter false and misleading information on water products.

Most consumers may not have a technical background on water subjects, so they can be easily fooled by eggregious health or technical claims by untrained or unscrupulous salespeople.

Here are a few of the worst offenders we have found in this area.

ALKALINE DRINKING WATER - probably one of the worst causes of potential health problems in the last decade. Independent distributors making health claims based on no official laboratory or extended in-vivo tests; may cause permanent damage to delicate blood, digestive or cardiovascular areas. It is curious that the FDA has not shut down this marketing effort due to the multitude of unverifiable medical claims that are being made by uninformed and misledh independent sales people. $4000 for a piece of junk - unnatural, potentially dangerous to the body - buyer beware. For more information, see www.aquatechnology.net/alkalinefraud.html.

JOHN ELLIS WATER DISTILLER - for off-the-wall, pseudo-science this piece of junk has to take the cake. Claims of changing water molecule "bonding angles" and how that affects health - I really expect that if he set up business in a state like California, he would lose his business license and end up wearing striped pajamas very quickly. Am surprised that the FDA has not shut down his operation.

I clearly remember the evening when a customer entered on of my retail stores and asked us to determine why the Ellis distiller was not producing clean water. Taking the unit into the lab area and opening it we found the most foul and dirty interior that one can imagine - rust, lime, algae and other contaminants filled the entire cavity. Obviously, the customer was exceedingly upset because he had bought the Ellis distiller on the basis of its claims to produce essentially pharmaceutical grade water. The graphic evidence clearly proved otherwise.

For more information on Ellis' fraudulent operation, see http://www.chem1.com/CQ/johnellisbunk.html.

WATERWISE FLYER ON "DRINKING WATER SCAMS" - this one is somewhat of a surprise. Jack Barber(owner) is a pretty smart guy and has been a major contributor to the pure water industry for many years but obviously has not done his homework in critical areas of functional water systems.

Waterwise advertises a "Waterwise Wisdomwater Report" in national magazines which denounces anything that strays from the basics of steam distillation. The promotion of distilled water is a noble calling - but not understanding other important and useful aspects of pure water is a serious disservice to the water industry and casts a dark shadow over everyone who promotes pure water and its many applications.

Extraordinary industrial, physiological and biological functional water results have been obtained by physicists in a half dozen countries and documented in technical and medical journals and well structured patents worldwide. World-class biochemists, physicists and various research organizations have spent years and small fortunes proving these functional water concepts and demonstrating their efficacy on patients, plants, animals and industrial applications using conventional industrial and medical testing apparatus.

Waterwise is a good resource for water distillation systems - but is clearly out of their environment when it comes to taking distilled water to the next level where exceptional results are be obtained when specific physical and electromagnetic functional quantum level changes have been made.

While from time to time there are individual companies or individuals who tend to drift away from technical accuracy in these important and developing areas of water science, Waterwise needs to stay with steam distillation systems and leave the explanation and extension of pure water's benefits to those who understand quantum physics and molecular biology and how properly structured pure water affects the body, animals and plants in very specific and measurable ways.


A popular set of TV ads depicts this home use deionizing pour though filter as a replacment for thousands of dollars of bottled water. The International Bottled Water Association(IBWA), a powerful lobby supporting the bottled water industry, has sued "Zero Water" because of its extensive claims of providing water equivalent or better than bottled water quality.

While Zero-Water uses deionizing technology, normally reserved for industrial/electronics manufacturing, and may reduce the dissolved solids in tap water, their lifetime is considerably limited and moreso where high dissolved solids are present. Any reduction of organic materials is similar to small, sink-top carbon filters and no elimination of bacterial contaminants is possible.

The IBWA seems to have a strong case in its lawsuit and we expect to see fewer and fewer television advertisements for this product as Zero-Water regroups and prepares for what may be a devastating court case. The bottled water industry has little patience with garage-type operations such as Zero Water which apparently is making a serious dent in bottled water purchases in this recessionary economic environment.

Long-term water quality improvements are not possible with this product or process - and clever use of inexpensive dissolved solids testing devices provided with the product cannot stand up to serious scrutiny using laboratory grade water quality instruments which are far more effective in presenting a clear and concise picture of purified water quality.


Here's a typical consumer complaint being levied against these type of "salt-free" water conditioners - in this case the "CARE FREE" system:

"...We purchased a Care Free Water Conditioner and after a year there was still no noticeable difference in the quality of our water. The company claims there would be differences such as better tasting water, clothes softer and dishes with less spotting, none of which showed any difference. After contacting the company multiple times we received a letter laced with hostility and anger about how uninformed we were and how we failed to follow the company’s recommendations.

Care Free is a member of the Water Quality Association, but never submitted this product for testing and certification. If the claims were true we would expect that the water conditioner to be WQA certified, but it is not."

"Salt -free" water conditioning systems have been bouncing around the marketplace for years - unable to convince both homeowners or water resource managers concerned about hard water conditions that the technology works in a well-defined and measurable fashion. 34 states already have restrictions to some extent or another on regenerating water conditioners/softeners. The irony is that these 34 states and their water resource technologists simply do not recommend these salt-free systems because the will not reduce water hardness to any measurable extent.

Extensive television advertisements as of late continue to tout the "salt-free" conditioner concept, without laboratory tests or analyses to back up claims. Consumers are drawn into the false promises simply because many do not like the slick feeling of salt on their skin in the shower or believe that the sodium and/or chloride in softened water increases the risk of cardiovascular problems even though the only contact with the softened water they may have is tactile in nature and not ingested.

Save your money and your disappointment when you find these systems simply do not change the hard water chemistry in your home or business The only thing that is changed is the distance between you and the chair you may be sitting on due to the considerable reduction in the thickness of your pocketbook.

For additional bad news about the claims of these types of products, go HERE.


This is another example of European wanna-be engineers sitting out in the sun and drinking too much beer while trying to design something that will attract the dumb and dumber and make the engineers a lot of money. The influence(short or long term) of metallic ions on moving water is tenuous at best and a complete fraud at worst. This product is promoted by individuals who typically fall in the "dumb" or "dumber" crowd and who take great umbrage when the technical attributes of their piece of junk are called into question.

The pile of hate mail(mind you, no test data) which we get from this dumb and dumber crowd gets higher every week - while each writer expresses their increasing ignorance of basic material science and quantum physics.

Clearly a waste of money - and a variation of the junk discussed in the previous paragraph on "conditioners" above.


This one you really have to read before you buy some of his junk books from the New York Times metaphysical book list.

See www.aquatechnology.net/emoto.html


(reprinted here courtesy of Wikipedia)

Penta Water (sometimes called AquaRx Water) is a brand of bottled water that is claimed by its manufacturer to be structurally different from 'normal' water, and advertised as "ultra-purified" water. The company was founded in 1999 in San Diego, California. [1] It is manufactured and distributed by sister companies Bio Hydration Research Lab and AquaPhotonics. Penta's name derives from its association with supposed five-molecule clusters of water.

In particular, Bio Hydration Research Labs states that their 'Penta process' of subjecting water to high energy sound waves, creating sonoluminescence, reduces the average size of the water clusters present in liquid water.[2][3] This supposedly makes it easier for water molecules to pass through cell membranes. It is further claimed that water so treated improves the 'survivability' of cells. In 2003, Penta became the best selling bottled water in American health food stores.

The various claims made by Penta are classed as pseudoscience by scientists, as they have never been scientifically established, and contradict laws of nature. Penta has commissioned studies which they claim validate a few of their claims, but none of these studies was published in mainstream peer-reviewed scientific literature. These studies also suffer from major experimental design flaws.
Research published in 2005 on hydrogen bond network dynamics in water showed that "liquid water essentially loses the memory of persistent correlations in its structure" within fifty femtoseconds.[6] Thus, within the second Penta stops the 11 hours of spinning of the water in the purification process, Penta water is filtered water no different from ordinary water.