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Unfortunately, we have been unable to find either consistent or technically coherent information on this product.

Most sources which discuss this product and its methodology appear to be highly contradictory or rely solely on anecdotal information and until we are able to make sense of any of this, we will hold this page open.

Some of the information presented by Penta Water promoters has been reviewed at http://www.chem1.com/CQ/pentabunk.html.

Another, even more interesting take on Penta Water and their refusal to produce laboratory test results to back up their claims is at http://www.ichthyosis.com/ubb/Forum10/HTML/000045.html

Although these links may not provide all of the information available on Penta Water, it does illustrate some of the basic issues related to its questionable and contradictory science and is one of several reasons reliable scientific and/or medical information on this product is simply not available.

Penta water is loaded with protons rather than electrons, according to lectures by Robert O. Young of the pH Miracle. The protons, like coffee, can give a temporary feeling of well being. Like coffee, this is artificial. This works against the neutralization of free radicals. In fact, this may contribute to an unhealthy environment within the body over time and inhibit the long term recovery process of the body.

Therefore, any possible benefits of better hydration with this type of water may be lost over time with the deterioration of the bio terrain within the body, possibly contributing to some serious health issues.

The availability of free electrons, not protons, is what neutralizes free radical activity and helps speed recovery.