Today, at the beginning of the 21st Century, we are beginning to see a series of events which are continuing to pollute the world's drinking water supplies.

No longer are there naturally pure water sources available. Streams, rivers and lakes as well as most underground(aquifer) water supplies are polluted with dangerous chemicals, metals and a wide variety of disease-causing microbiological contaminants.

To stop and drink from what might appear to be a clear stream or mountain lake is unthinkable. The result could invite parasites and microbes which can render even a healthy person ill for weeks.

A glance at your local grocery shelves shows row upon row of bottled water--usually the first stop for individuals seeking an alternative to uncertain tap water. Unfortunately, even much of this "bottled water" comes from local tap water sources and one is not much better off than with tap water.

A wide variety of "water filters" and "water purifiers" are being marketed today---all claiming to remove all the "bad things" and keep the "good things" in water. Most make incredible promises and when truly pure water is expected, they deliver next to nothing in return.

We recommend a system which produces pure drinking water the same way nature provides it ---distillation. Just as with the hydrological(rain and snow) cycle, in a home water distiller your tap water is evaporated and then cooled, resulting in water as pure and clean as a snowflake or a raindrop leaving the cloud!

Bacteria, salts, metals such as lead and dangerous chemicals are removed by the distiller and its associated carbon filter.

One could easily spend a thousand dollars on a variety of other types of systems which DO NOT have any capabilities to remove contaminants such as dangerous bacteria.

The Nautilus distiller

does it all!

The West Bend Nautilus Portable Home Water Distiller, also known as the Millennium and Waterwise 9000 will provide years of troublefree operation, turning questionable tap water into pure, steam distilled drinking water one gallon at a time, in just four(4) hours per gallon.

There is no plumbing or fancy hookup or installation requirements; simply:

  • set the distiller on the countertop;
  • plug the unit into the nearest power outlet;
  • fill the boiling chamber with tap water;
  • push the start button and walk away.

Four hours later you can return to one full gallon of the best tasting water you can buy or produce at home.

This portable, lightweight distiller is easy to operate and maintain, presenting a pleasing and compact appearance on the countertop.

The Nautilus Portable Distiller is currently in its final design stages; it is an advanced version of the popular Millennium Portable Distiller and identical in all respects(except label) to the Waterwise 9000.

Substantial electrical and functional changes have been made to the Millennium. Therefore, if you are considering one of these units, we highly recommend that you wait for this new Nautilus versus purchasing the older, Millennium design which looks identical from the outside. Call for delivery details. 1-800-478-7342.

Nautilus Specification appear below...

Frequently asked Questions about Distilled Water & Home Water Distillers(including operating cost/gallon)

Compare Distillation to Other Techniques

Investigate Fully Automatic Distillers

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  • One gallon/approximately four hours 20 minutes @ 120Volts, 60 Hz
  • Batch size = one gallon


  • Manual resest thermostat - lighted switch on boiling chamber
  • Fan-delayed start at 150 degrees F; delayed stop after cool down to 150 degrees F.
  • Stepped inset prevents boiling dry, reduces scaling, easy to clean
  • Thermally protected with a double fuse


Hi-tech, high temperature, food-grade thermoplastics and resins are used for the boiling chamber designs in the portable West Bend® distillation systems. The West Bend MillenniumTM uses an FDA/NSF approved polypropylene and stainless-steel boiling chamber which easily snaps away from a sealed electrical connector for easy filling or cleaning.

  • Rinse with tap water after each use
  • Safe to use with commercial descalers if needed
  • Order Distiller Descaler HERE
  • Order Replacment or Extra Boiling Chamber HERE


  • One Gallon Capacity
  • Dispensing spout
  • Movable handle afixed to top for easy carrying and pouring
  • Activated carbon post filter
  • Order Replacement Post Filters HERE
  • Screw cap fits with or without post filter in place
  • Order Extra or Replacment Caraffe HERE


All portable water distillation systems utilize a fully-automatic, thermostat-activated shutoff system. When a "batch" of water is produced and little or no water remains in the boiling tray or container, electrical circuits to the system are terminated using sensitive thermostats. These thermostats are easily reset for the next "batch" cycle by convenient push buttons on the face of the distillers.

Portable water distillation systems require heating up a 1-gallon of tap water prior to production; therefore startup(to first distilled water production) is ~20 minutes for most units.

Electrical operating costs for the system can be estimated using the example of 10¢ per kilowatt hour electricity rates and excludes filter replacement costs: West Bend Millennium/Nautilus/\TM ~ 29.2¢/gallon

  • Total wattage consumption 750 watts: heater 730 watts; fan 20 watts
  • Detachable power cord: 36"
  • Approvals: CSA(Canada); CE(Europe); WQA Gold Seal


Classic European styling is incorporated into the West Bend MillenniumTM, producing a distiller with a smooth, pleasing, space-saving design that is as much at home in the kitchen as in the office coffee center. Surfaces are easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

  • Boiling Chamber Inset: Stainless Steel
  • Boiling Chamber: Polypropylene
  • Cover: Polypropylene
  • Gasket: EPDM
  • Baffle: Santoprene
  • Spout: Celcon
  • Hose: Silicon
  • Elbow: Polypropylene
  • Condenser coil: Stainless steel with VOC vent
  • Reservoir: Lexan*
  • Outer Housing: ABS*
  • Boiling Chamber Base: Lexan*

All wetted materials rated for FDA/NSF

* Engineered resins by General Electric Plastics


  • 15-1/8"high x 16" long x 9-5/8"wide
  • 10 pounds


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Aqua Technology has been a distributor of home water distillation systems since 1977. We have retail water stores and repair centers devoted to the sale and maintenance of all types of water purification and filtration systems.

Our flagship retail store in San Jose, CA. has trained technicians and all parts to support you with your new distiller throughout its extensive lifetime. We look forward to serving you and your family.

Our experience in serving the medical, dental, educational and industrial community covers a wide range of applications and operating environments. You can be confident that if your needs lie in those areas, we are able to understand them and help you find a water purification solution to ideally meet those needs.

Frequently asked Questions about Distilled Water & Home Water Distillers(including operating cost/gallon)

Compare Distillation to Other Techniques

Investigate Fully Automatic Distillers

Need Immediate Information?

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