Many bottling operations include large format bottling as part of their bulk water processing systems.

Additionally, water store designs may require filling and/or bottle washing capabilities listed immediately below the large format selection table.


60 Bottle Per Hour Washer, Filler and Capper


The BWF60 is designed specifically for start-up or smaller operators. This unique Washer/Filler/Capper offers features normally found only on much larger and more expensive bottle washers.

The washing system is designed to provide you with the cleanest bottles possible at rates of up to 60 bottles per hour.

Its unique shape allows you to wash 3, 5 or 6-gallon bottles in a minimum amount of space. The filler is designed to fill up to 60 bottles per hour with very little effort and low maintenance.

Each system features polished type 304 stainless steel and other food grade materials throughout to meet stringent bottled water regulations. This stainless steel exterior ensures that each unit will provide many years of dependable and trouble-free operation while remaining very attractive for the life of the system.


The BW60 incorporates two, high-pressure pumps and specially designed nozzles which are positioned to spray water directly into the bottleneck. This high pressure spray cleans both the inside and the outside of the bottles. It slightly lifts the bottle, allowing the exterior spray jets to create the unique "lift and spin" feature.

This feature rapidly rotates the bottles and insures a cleaner bottle, both inside and out. The pumps used on the BW60 are produced by the same manufacturer of the high capacity pumps used on our advanced BW150. The result is a significantly cleaner bottle in less time with less wastewater.

The BW60 Washer operates on a three-cycle function which includes a one minute detergent wash, one-minute sanitize and double-stage, final rinse, giving you the cleanest and safest "washed-bottle" available. In addition, the washing and sanitizing solutions are recirculated for maximum economy.

The fully insulated wash detergent tank even includes its own built-in heating element to insure the wash solution is always at the ideal wash temperature. Unlike other less advanced small washers, the wash and sanitizing solution tanks have built-in automatic water level controls and low-water level protection of the heating element and pumps.

The unique front-loading design insures the easiest access for bottle loading and unloading. This feature eliminates the need to lift or open cumbersome doors to access the bottles.

The BW60 also incudes separate compartments for the washing, the sanitizing and the rinsing stages. This feature is designed to eliminate carry over of detergent into the sanitizing tank common on some competitive models.

The operation and on-going servicing of the BW60 is designed to be as simple and straightforward as possible for the operator. Allcontrols are placed at convenient locations for easy access.

The system is designed to roll through a standard doorway and connect to a 208 - 240 volt electrical supply.

$15,635, FOB Factory


The BF60 Bottle Filler is a manually controlled stainless steel filling system. The filler operates manually by was of the stainless steel ball valve control which isconnected to the main filler frame and roller table.

The operator places the washed bottle directly under the fill head the opens the ball valve to initiate the fillingprocess.When filled, the operator then closes the ball valve to finish the operation.

The system comes with a stainless steel capchute and pull handle cap applicator.

$3394.00 FOB factory








TritonLine™ 450

Large Format 450 Bottle Per Hour Automatic Bottle Washer, Filler & Capper

Delivery 10-12 weeks after receipt of order

Larger sizes(600, 900,1200 BPH)available

The first automatic system to process MULTIPLE-SIZED bottles and styles simultaneously---without hand-sorting or adjustments!



The unit is easy to hook up---just two supply water connections and two drains are necessary.

Both washer and filler use the same electrical connection.

Over-sized filter screens provided for the pre-wash tank, wash tank and sanitize tanks minimize the screen cleaning requirement, virtually eliminating downtime for pump maintenance.



The BWF 450 automatically washes, fills and caps up to 450 bottles an hour of most standard sizes and styles without hand sorting. This is a MAJOR INDUSTRY BREAKTHROUGH!

Stainless steel piping is used throughout the BWF 450, and provides longevity, durability and virtually eliminates maintenance.

Pre-stretched strainless steel drive chains ride on self-lubricating UHMW support guides to eliminate risk of grease contamination.

Multi-function Programmable Logic Controller(PMC) provides immediate digital readout at a glance. An adjustable rinse cycle controller is factory set at 15 seconds but can be manually set at intervals up to 4 minutes.

Stack lighting indicators show operating conditions at a glance, and bottle position controls sense faults and alert the operator to problems.



The ability to simultaneously cap a wide variety of bottles is a major breakthrough for the industry.


Versatile fill heads allow for various sized bottles with no adjustment of parts.

Unique Cap Sorter makes cap application reliable and safe.



Bottles are automatically loaded into the washer from the inlet conveyor


Summary of pre-wash and wash features:

  • Able to wash and fill a wide variety of bottle sizes at the same time without manual adjustments, thus saving time, labor and sorting costs.
  • Uses recycled product rinse water, to keep the pre-wash tank cleaner, to save detergent, and to reduce the amount of separate bottle pre-cleaning required before washing.
  • Low-water protection on all water tanks, to protect pumps and heating elements from potentially damaging low-water conditions.
  • Electric wash water heater thermostatically controlled and separated from Promogrammable Logic Controller.
  • Adjustable wash time up to four minutes per cycle. Normal wash is 60 second wash, 30 second sanitize and 15 second cycle product water rinse.
  • Plexiglass-enclosed clean room separates washer unloading area from filling area.
  • Bottles stop at each station to ensure highest quality, cleanest bottle possible.
  • Chemical feed pumps for detergent and sanitizer solutions are easily adjustable at the PLC or pump, to maintain the proper solution concentration.

Summary of filling features:

  • Stainless steel filler supply tank is designed to supply product water to the filler valves. Water does not recirculate back to the main storage tank, eliminating the threat of contaminating the large tank and substantially reducing the amount of wastewater.
  • inlet/outlet bottle sensors provide positive bottle location.
  • Unique "lift-and-spin" capability in the washer. Bottle "lift-and-hold" device during filling and capping process, for less damage to bottle bottoms and the central drive chain.
  • Stainless steel conveyor on filler and stainless steel filler nozzles, for increased durability, longer life, easier sanitation, and minimal maintenance.

Summary of capping features:

  • High capacity cap holder holds approximately 2000 caps, making hopper refill process only a twice-a-shift operation.
  • Floor-level hopper means no ladder-climbing to fill sorter, making the operation easier and safer.
  • Elevator automatically carries caps from hopper to pneumatically assisted cap sorter.
  • Cap-sorter is quite and reliablek, with few moving parts to wear out or misalign.

$117,206 FOB Factory

TritonLine™ 450 Specifications

System Dimensions
Length(incl. loader and conveyor)
16 ft (487.7 cm)
9 ft (274.3 cm)
9 ft 2 in (279.4 cm)
4300 lb (1950.45 kg)
General Specifications
Electronic Controls
Programmable logic controller
Bottle Sizes
3 to 5 gallon(with or w/out handle)
Cap Hopper Capacity
1500-2000 caps(foam-lined or Safety Guard)
Materials in contact with water
Sanitary stainless steel, food grade schedule 80 PVC, nylon-braided hose
Construction Materials
304 Stainless Steel
Detergent & Sanitizer
Automatic injection via precision metering pump.
Electrical Requirements
125 AMP 3-phase 200-240VAC(other options available)
Water Requirements(customer-supplied)
1-2 liters per bottle
1-2 liters per bottle @ 45 psi
Final rinse
with product water - 1 liter/bottle
45 gallons(170.3 liter/minute) @ 25 psi
Air Pressure Requirements(customer supplied)
Compressed Air Requirement
7 cfm, clean and dry
Clean Room Fill Chamber
Filtered air flow - 550 cfm
Production Capacities Available
Model 450
450 Bottles per hour
Model 600
600 Bottles per hour
Models 900, 1200
900 Bottles per hour



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