Low Input Pressure : Requires Atmospheric Storage and Repressurization Systems

Designed to assure minimum of 20 psi required input to Filtration and/or Reverse Osmosis unit. System is rated for 50 GPM FLOW AT 69 PSI. Components include:

1 - 300 gallon atmospheric storage tank(35" dia by 81" height) with inlet float(1.5"), low level safety float, tank adaptors and 1.5" outlet ball valve.

1 - repressurization pump; 304S/Steel rated at 2HP, 230 volts/60hz 1 or three phase(please specify)

1 - 87 gallon pressure tank

1 - electrical control panel with motor starter, 3-way selectors switch, indicator lights, low level safety control circuit and disconnect switch.

System is skid mounted, pre-plumbed, pre-wired and tested prior to shipment.

Price: $4995


Biologically Contaminated Input Water - U/V Pretreatment

UV systems include flow control, side viewport, UV intensity light sensor and low level alarm as standard equipment.

______ For 3000 GPD design: U/V System operates at 4-5 gpm; price $995

______ For 6000 GPD design: U/V system operates at 10 gpm; price $1295

______ For 12,000 GPD design: U/V system operates at 17 gpm: price $1495

______ For 24,000 GPD design: U/V system operates at 35 gpm: dual 20 gpm units required:

Total price $2995

Iron Contaminated Input Water: Birm Filter

Note: Iron filters must operate with input water pH greater than 6.8. If Iron AND manganese, pH must be between 7.5 and 8.5. For Manganese alone, pH must be between 8.0 and 9.0 If pH falls outside of these ranges and Iron and Manganese content is significant, Neutralizing filters may be required.

Additionally, Incoming water must have an oxygen content at least 15% of the Iron content to be most effective. Air injection system option may be required.

_______ For 3000 GPD design: system operates at 4-5 GPM; Price $1095

_______ For 6000 GPD design: system operates at 10-11 GPM: Price $2195

_______ For 12000 GPD design: system operates at 16-18 GPM: Price $3995

_______ For 24000 GPD design: system operates at 35 GPM; Price $7995

Silicate Contaminated Input Water: Silicate Removal


Silcate anti-scalant system: PRICE: $595

5 gallons silicate antiscalant: Price: $299 per 5 gallon pail