We have been asked to remove functional water references that are available in the public domain by a

Professor Martin Chaplin
School of Applied Science
London South Bank University
London SE1 0AA
(Tel. 44 (0) 207 815 7970)

Many of these references are available from a variety of other sources and are considered important to the study of water in its many forms. In Chaplin's own writings he references many other documents but does not acknowledge receipt of release information from these sources which again, are available in the public domain as his educational material is.

We will accommodate the good professor but will state here that he is unwilling to share information in water sciences that is good for the community as a whole. Perhaps you can contact him and ask him why he is unwilling to share this information with the public.

Copyrighted materials are normally intended for merchandisable distribution - materials placed in the open domain are presumed to be placed there understanding that the owner is not concerned about the use of the information when it is educational or factual in content rather than having merchandisable value.

Although Chaplin has produced some interesting discussions of water structure, we have chosen not to present specific textual information from Chaplin inasmuch as we believe that in several areas he is incorrect in his assumptions or conclusions as well as his unwillingness to accept non-academic research results.

Having taught graduate school at a US Big Ten University I have seen more than my share of the inhibitive and selfish characteristics that some educators maintain in order to protect what they believe to be original research where they alone deserve credit.

Finally, Chaplin has stated that he is unwilling to provide formal release of information such as bibliographic material which may appear in his educational writings in the public domain even if he is credited for that information. Go figure - contact him - and ask him why he is so selfish with educational information(and this fellow claims to be a professor?)

Marislof Colic is a personal friend of mine and listed in Chaplin's bibliography. Perhaps I'll call Dr. Colic and ask him if Chaplin requested permission for referencing and publishing information regarding magnetic memory of water. Stay tuned for the answer...