NOTE: The following information was produced several years ago but still applies to today. We consider Dr. Lorenzen's process one of the very few which have scientific validity in today's marketplace and which have been defined adquately to acquire valid US patents.

Dr. Lorenzen's process is based on the theory that various types or forms of water "resonate" at different frequencies or have varying emission spectra based on structure and protein binding site. Similarly, living cells, which contain substantial amounts of water, also resonate at varying frequencies as can be demonstrated by Magnetic Resonance Imaging(MRI) technology.

Dr. Lorenzen, recognizing that water molecules possessed "memory", determined that it was possible to realign the molecular structure of water to selected, "beneficial" frequencies. When this "nanoclustered" water was introduced into the body or other living organisms it would positively influence cellular resonance and influence internal chemical and enzymatic(metabolic) reactions.

The mechanism of "imprinting" such beneficial frequencies into water requires extremely pure, distilled water. Dr. Lorenzen uses "double distilled" water, water which far exceeds the purity required by law for pharmaceutical applications.

He then applies his 14 stage patented process to create a "concentrate" of Clustered Water which can be diluted into distilled water by the consumer prior to use. The original concentrate is produced by surrounding various types of organic materials such as proteins, amino acids and other compounds with a host of 5, 6 and 7-membered water rings or clusters created through various electromagnetic processes.

The concentrate acquires or is "templated" with the resonant characteristics of the "host" material(protein, etc.). The host material is then removed from the solution, leaving the concentrate with all of the resonant characteristics of the host.

In the consumer's home, the specific frequencies or beneficial characteristics in the "concentrate" are transferred to the distilled water solution in a manner similar to that used in the original templating process as well as in the technique of homeopathy, where resonant characteristics of one group of molecules "re-imprint" their exact characteristics on neighboring groups of molecules.

As in homeopathy, no physical materials are transferred from one group of molecules to the adjacent group, only electrical characteristics, similar to a tuning fork set to vibrating at its resonant frequency will create a sympathetic vibration in selected nearby objects(or other similar tuning forks) without any physical contact between the two objects.

This templating or resonant information transfer process has been demonstrated in a wide variety of other medical experiments where active biomolecules are present.

Hence, this "homeopathic-type" templating effect or chain reaction is observed, both in the dilution process prior to use as well as in the cells where the beneficial frequency is now promulgated to other groups of water molecules in the cells.

Choosing the correct "beneficial frequencies" for mechanisms such as Dr. Lorenzen's nanoclustered water solutions can become a both a complex and controversial subject where one which tends to find little or no support within the orthodox medical community and the FDA.

In the present case, it would appear that Dr. Lorenzen's technology has either

  • surpassed the bounds which FDA and orthodox medical technology has the ability to authenticate; or
  • the orthodox medical community simply has little or no use for alternatives to conventional drug treatment at a cellular level. After all, there is little or no money to be made by pharmaceutical companies in selling structured water(versus expensive drugs).

In any case, science has shown that there exists an ordered array of frequencies, all related to harmonics of the major and minor musical scales, which affect all fundamental processes of photosynthesis, mitosis(cell division), and protein synthesis. The selective use of these "beneficial frequencies" in processes such as Dr. Lorenzen's is intended to enhance cell repair, defense and maintenance functions as listed below.

Dr. Lorenzen contends that this six-sided(hexagonal) water structure is optimum for

cellular hydration;

nutrient transfer through cellular membranes;

intra and inter-cellular communication functions

Additional functions which Dr. Lorenzen claims Clustered Water provides include:

  • enhanced metabolic efficiency;
  • maintenance of normal electrical properties of the cells and cellular systems in the body;
  • significant amplification of the effects of nutritional supplementation
  • enhanced cell regeneration and rejuvenation
  • bends immune protein and improves their functions
  • enhances the body's immune defense system
  • enhances the cellular synthesis of protein
  • composes the core of the DNA of each cell
  • synthesizes the liver
  • interferes with pain perception(pain killer); and
  • helps enzymes fold and bend so that they can be highly effective as organic catalysts in chemical reactions that take place within the cell

These two lists(above) comprise an impressive resume for nanoclustered water. However, it is to be pointed out(as Dr. Lorenzen does in his documentation) that Clustered Water is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Dr. Lorenzen's cellular resonant or nanoclustered water takes specific forms: that of four, five and six-sided crystals or rings when groups of his structured or nanoclustered water is produced. These crystalline form are similar to water structures found in Lourdes, France, in steam distilled water as well as in water obtained from core drillings two miles under the North Pole.

It is interesting to note that when water taken from Lourdes is evaluated immediately and on site, the water appears to contain a wide variety of frequencies, hexagonal water ring structures and apparent "curative" effects. However, when the same water is transported elsewhere and used in a similar manner, no effects are observed and the water loses its structural characteristics.

This phenomena of "retention" is not unique to Lourdes, but does make the point that some natural, geo-magnetic phenomena exists in the area of Lourdes. However, because of the short retention time(poor stability) of that particular phenomena, the water quickly loses its "curative" or "restorative" properties and quickly reverts to common spring water.

On the other hand, processes such as Dr. Lorenzen's incorporate processes which "stabilize" the electromagnetic mechanisms, thus preserving the electrical characteristics imprinted into the concentrate. Certain precautions are noted for the transportation, storage and use of the concentrate which are designed to prevent the nullification of these electromagnetic mechanisms in the concentrate.


Dr. Lorenzen's technology clearly proves that water is not the simple "circle and nucleus" representation once envisioned for that substance. It is a far more complex molecule which plays an active role in cell communication and thus thousands of metabolic functions.

Cellular "biowater" is an extremely complex structure that utilizes an organized or structured water format not only for enabling chemical reactions, but also for the receiving and sending of vital information within and between cells.

Dr. Lorenzen's "structured water" process is indeed unique in its mechanization. When combined with experiments of the type discussed in an earlier section of this site, its utility in combatting specific central nervous system(CNS) disorders caused by a variety of effects, including excess free radicals, may well prove to be one of its most important assets.

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