The definitive article on distilled water and reverse osmosis alternatives is contained in: "High Purity Water Systems: Unmasking Reverse Osmosis and Understanding Steam Distillation". The article is both extensive and all-inclusive of arguments pro and con for the two systems. This is a MUST READ if you are considering the purchase of either Reverse Osmosis or Steam Steam Distillation systems for your home.

If you want to read what medical, industrial and water experts have to say about distilled water, visit "What the experts say about distilled water"

An article which covers most of the questions, objections and concerns individuals may have regardgind distilled water is "Dispelling Distilled Water Worries". It is a MUST READ.

There is considerable MISINFORMATION circulated about distilled water by individuals and companies who have an agenda different from that of honestly and professionally providing pure water to the public. Some of those data and responses to them are found in "Avoiding confusion regarding distilled water"

Possibly the most frequent asked question regarding Distilled Water relates to MINERALS which might be lost when drinking pure, distilled water. This issue is addressed in: "Is Mineral Water Good for You?"

When one encounters the word "natural" when looking at drinking water, it poses some serious issues one should consider. Find answers to these issues at: "Pure Drinking Water - "Natural" versus "Synthetic".

A look at the changing patterns of consumer awareness and buying patterns as related to point of use equipments such as distillation. A history of the development of distillation and its markets. See: "Distillers in Transition"

Articles Related to Drinking Water

& the Immune System

A Must read for anyone suffering from HIV or AIDS. Instructive for anyone concerned about maintaing a health immune system

Some Things You Should Know About Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

Not much is said today about some of the serious deficiencies found in certain types of home water treatment systems. One of the more popular technologies which are available for homes is Reverse Osmosis. The following articles summarize some of the more serious concerns which homeowners are faced with when considering Reverse Osmosis for home use.

"The Great Water Robbery"


Experts agree that the most insidious problem with drinking water worldwide is the presence of dangerous, disease-causing(pathogenic) microbes. Only distillation or micro-filtration(ceramic technologies) can remove such dangerous materials from drinking water. Get some of the details in the section entitled "Pathogens in Drinking Water"

"Pure Water and the Immune System" provides a real wake-up call for those whose immune system is impaired. Cautions about various types of water and impurities are detailed.

"Death at the Water Tap" was written to highlight the insidious problem being caused by Cryptosporidium parasites. Again, those whose immune systems are impaired are at most risk.


For information on water treatment systems which can remove bacteria, without electricity or water pressure, go to CERAMIC TECHNOLOGIES, the answer to emergency water concerns.

Concerned about EARTHQUAKES and EARTHQUAKE PREPAREDNESS, Check out this article: "Earthquakes and Your Drinking Water".


To see how the water industry is taking a basic need such as pure drinking water and turning it into a monstrous greed for their individual companies, and also find out what to avoid when looking for home water treatment and purification systems, read: "Home water purifiers, sorting fact from fiction".

Another look at consumer protection when it comes to buying home water purification or filtration systems: See: "Home Water Purification Systems; the Good, the Bad and the Ugly".

If you thought that "Politically Correct" applied only to Politics today, think again when you read how you may be misled by water dealers who are trying to sell you "The Politically Correct Water Purifier".

To see how important medical facts about your drinking water are begin kept from you by both science and the media, see: "Censored Science"

When serious water problems are faced by the public, and so-called "water purifiers" are pressed into service, one finds that most of the talk about their capabilities are purly hype. Find out why certain types of water systems completely fail when the "rubber meets the road in "Reality versus Hype in the Pure Water Marketplace".

The public relations department of your local water company has a lot of tricks up their sleeve---particularly when it comes to avoiding the discussion or justification of the various types of water contaminants being found in drinking water. Find out how this scam works when you read: "Misdirection is the Name of the Game".

Mistakes to avoid while looking for a home water purifier can be seen in: "The Ten Most Common Mistakes Made by Home Water Purifier Buyers---and How to Avoid Them".

A candid look at how California governments are getting around reporting the occurrance of toxic chemical levels in drinking water. This is outlined in the article entitled: "The Growing Gremlin in Our Water Attic".

Another look at sodium in drinking water and the various "labels" which can be found attached to drinking water containing sodium. Well worth the time to review. See: "Pure Water or Pure Fantasy".


Next to religion and politics, fluoridation of drinking water is possibly the most controversial subject one can encounter. The arguments undoubtedly will go on and on. To obtain a current summary of the fluoridation issue, visit the Fluoride Section.

Possibly one of the best, short summaries of the Biological Effects of Fluoride on the body is located at


Lead poisoning from drinking water is becoming more prevalent, particularly in homes and apartment complexes which have older plumbing. Lead is truly a killer---see the details in: "Lead and Your Drinking Water". This is a MUST READ article, particularly for pregnant women.


An interesting insight into the potentially devastating effects which sodium, introduced by home water softeners/conditioners and passed to the consumer by poorly operating reverse osmosis systems can have. Visit: "Sodium & Your Drinking Water".


If you want the shock of your life, review the articles below and find out why it may not be as safe as you thought to visit your dental office. Microbiological contaminants found in water being sprayed into your mouth during dental procedures are sometimes as high as those found in raw sewage. This issue is particularly important for anyone with a depressed immune system. A MUST READ SECTION.

Now, the articles:

"The Quiet Terror in the Dental Office"

"Just When You Thought it Was Safe to Go Back to the Dentist's Office"

"Can Point-of-Use(water purifiers) Offer Protection from Pathogens?"

"Pure Drinking Water and the Immune System"

For a discussion of products which ELIMINATE the type of problems discussed above, go to Dental Waterline Filters.

Oxygenated Drinking Water

Is this new designer drinking water just a passing fad or will it be a standard staple on grocery and health food store shelves in the future? Find out what this type of water is all about in "Oxygenated Water & Juices - Energy Drinks of the Future".












































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