There are several categories of "electromagnetic effects" that water scientists(and pseudo- scientists) study and attempt to integrate into functional water capabilities:

(1) conventional electromagnetic effects that produce highly visible/measurable changes in the physical characteristics of water(i.e. reduced surface tension);

(2) the use of electromagnetic "information" which can be imprinted or "cloned" into the electronic "memory" of clusters of water molecules(Dr. Lorenzen's clustered water is an example); and

(3) so called "subtle energy" effects caused by both conventional and non-conventional electromagnetic radiation eminating from non-standard sources such as human brainwaves, earth's electromagnetic field as well as the electromagnetic effects of distant planets and stars.

The first two categories have a wide range of empirical data to substantiate their effectiveness as viewed in a positive space/time domain. Electrical and electromagnetic forces operating in this positive domain for the most part can be characterized(and measured) with known equations which have as their dimensional properties space(distance) and/or time.

The third category is promoted by individuals motivated by non-conventional scientific conventions which are best characterized as "alternative science" or the body and soul of New Age, parapsychology and metaphysical thinking

Few if any solid empirical data exist on the third category which the conventional scientific community places any currency in. Yet, all three categories can be found in the promotion of a wide range of water products on store shelves and on the Internet.


The structural-effect of various ions in dilute aqueous solutions has been studied by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance(NMR) and it has been observed that by increasing the magnetic field, the short-range hexagonal membered bonding and surface tension are changed. Similarly, an increase of water structure can be achieved by adding structure making ions or lowering the temperature.

Additionally, it has been demonstrated that the use of far infrared(FIR) electromagnetic radiation can influence not only the structure of water but also the viability of micro-organisms subject to that type of radiation.

The FIR technology was initially developed by NASA in the early 1970's and subsequently stolen by the Soviet Union for use in highly classified applications in the following years. NASA frankly didn't know what they had on their hands but in the Soviet Union, tens of billions of rubles were spent on developing an exotic research center that can be seen to this day just outside of the city of Tashkent in Uzbekistan.

Research and products developed at this center, the Physics Sun Institute, by individuals such as Dr. Rustam Rakhimov have conclusively proven not only the science of photochemistry but its enormous utility in the fields of water treatment, medicine and a dozen other areas ranging from agriculture to paint drying and food processing (see www.aquatechnology.net/Far_infrared_technologies, html) for details of several practical applications of these advanced electromagnetic effects on water and other materials.

Ultimately, the Japanese stole the FIR technology from the Soviet state of Uzbekistan and have been attempting to employ FIR in various water processing technologies with varying degrees of success.

The Japanese efforts have been hampered by their lack of a processing facility such as that in Uzbekistan but that has not stopped them from employing "watered down" versions of FIR in various water treatment devices such as the Nikken PI-MAG water system discussed elsewhere in this website.

Over the years, research in the United States regarding the use of electomagnetic effects on water and on human health in general have been severely stifled by the pharmaceutical companies and medical organizations seeming more concerned about profits rather than viable medical techniques.

In reality, there is more evidence that electromagnetic effects are more pronounced in water and in biological entities(human cells) than there is evidence for the viability of stem cells in alleviating maladies such as Alzheimers.

Ironically, today in many parts of Asia, reputable scientists and medical professionals are successfully using electromagnetics, both at low and high frequencies, to cure or rend cancer cells dormant, alleviate Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and other diseases.

Industry observers suspect that many "skeptical" Internet websites which bash advanced water research are covertly supported or financed by the orthodox medical and pharmaceutical communities to deny 1st Amendment rights to those whose research must be then taken overseas to find acceptance and produce results.

One seriously wonders if the medical community really has the patient or their own pocketbook at heart. If, as is being discovered, functional water can play a significant role in the alleviation of various mundane as well as serious medical conditions, the medical community should be the first to embrace such advances.

Work with electromagnetics will continue, even with the open castigation of scientists who discover alternatives to conventional drug and surgery approaches to patient care.


A growing body of recent scientific evidence is assisting in the understanding of water's role as a mediator or transducer between the energetic(electromagnetic) and material(organic/inorganic) worlds and its function as an accumulator, transmitter and transducer of energy patterns and information.

As noted above, Dr. Lee Lorenzen's process is characteristic of this second category of electromagnetic "water conditioning".

The process begins with extremely pure distilled water and, while it is exposed to special ceramics, treats it with lasers and extremely strong magnetic fields to create water "clusters". Most water is in organizations or clumps of 60 or more water molecules (H2O).

Processing organizes the water molecules into clusters that are very mobile, therefore entering the cell system very rapidly and replenishing inter-cellular water.

Concurrent with the water clustering process is a "templating" process whereby primarily hexagonal water rings or clusters are collapsed around organic complexes such as proteins, amino acids and other compounds. Once again, electromagnetic effects are aplied to this water-protein complex using the latest in ceramic and laser technology.

Prior to the end of the Process the protein base is removed.

The result is a semi-liquid crystal that resonates at a designated and predictable frequency. The specific frequencies in each crystalline Clustered Water solution are designed to be amplified by the cells of the human body, and transferred through resonant paths to tissues in need of "tuning".

Most present day medications react with the body chemically, very often with complicating side effects and lengthy periods of prescription. According to Dr. Lorenzen, the goal of the Clustered Water Template Induction Process is to create nontoxic water solutions that favorable impact biological systems through completely safe coherent energy transfers, using cell systems themselves, much like a fiber optic cable transfers data.

This process thus exhibits two major advantages:

(1) the clustering process reduces the grouping of water molecules to smaller numbers, principally hexagonal in form which permits more rapid and efficient hydration through the cellular membrane; and

(2) the use of water itself, with its now unique frequency or resonant energies, as a carrier of information destined for the interior of the cell(s). This eliminates the pharmaceutical issues of prolonged and most likely overdose and side effect characteristics of conventional drugs.

It is virtually impossible to watch the cable or network TV today and not see some pharmaceutical company hawking a new drug which seems to have more side effects than the malady it purports to be eliminating. Technology such as high efficiency hydration coupled with the templating process may be tomorrow's answer to overdoses and side effects from both over the counter and prescription drugs.

Using bioimpedence, as noted below, it has been shown that these solutions cause significant cell water turnover more rapidly than distilled, R.O., oxygenated or regular water.

In 2003 the Chinese Health Care Science and Technology Society organized an international cooperative research project to compare distilled water (DW) and one kind of US patented Microclustered Water (MW), called "VIVO", which was awarded by the US National Nutritional Foods Association as the "Best Nutritional Beverage in Year 2002".

Recent Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) studies also showed that diabetics had a lower ratio of intracellular water (ICW) / extracellular water (ECW). A total of 336 type 2 diabetics (blood sugar level >7.0mmol/L) from 5 hospitals were recruited in a randomized, double-blind trial.

In this study, about 45% of the subjects (147 patients) had relatively higher blood sugar levels (>8.3 mmol/L). All subjects received 250 ml of MW or DW twice daily for 4 weeks. To avoid over-dose absorption, subjects were advised not take medications within 30 minutes after drinking the test solutions.

BIA (RJL Systems, USA) and other clinic markers were performed weekly. It was observed that MW consumption improved cell water distribution (ICW/ECW), basal metabolic rate (BMR), phase angle (PA) and cell capacitance (CP) during the 4 week test period.

In the beginning of the study, there were no significant differences between DW group (75 subjects) and MW group (72 subjects) comparing four BIA physiological baseline parameters (P>0.05).

However, at the end of the experiment, the P values (MW vs. DW) of ICW/ECW, BMR, PA and CP were 0.025, 0.022, 0.007 and 0.009, respectively.

Oxygen-17 NMR half value spectra of MW are 64 to 67HZ, values approximating normal saline, plasma and fresh natural spring water, while DW half values exceed 115 HZ. The relative small size of the water cluster may be one of the mechanisms which lead to improved cell structure and function.


When one hears the words "subtle energy(SE)", most likely those words are used in a context similar to how Einstein used it, that is, to describe a type of energy that is at present not fully understood or measurable with today's equipment.

The term Subtle Energy (SE) is of recent origin. SE could mean a physical energy, such as electromagnetic or acoustic, that is of such low intensity science currently has no means of measuring its presence. Conventional electromagnetic sensors are not sensitive enough to directly discern these fields. In short, SE is a physical field which is of very low magnitude.

Several scientists in the United States (Tiller, Bearden, Rein, Putoff, Green, Srinivasan) have studied SE and its effects. Though each has developed his own nuanced theory of SE, in general they all tend to concur that SE phenomena is related to a type of unified energy, and is not just a physical field of very low magnitude.

Furthermore, these theories vary in their definition and conditions which must exist in order for SE to be generated and observed. Some of these scientists view SE as a "fifth force" operating on the galactic and inter-galactic scale which is even more difficult to detect than gravity and which has zero effects on biological systems.

Others believe some of these forces have the potential to affect biological systems. Finally, there are are the mystics and clairvoyants who attempt to relate these energies to Hilbert Space. These views fall into the New Age and metaphysical domains which are of no interest to this discussion

Contemporary quantum physics has mathematically described and predicted the presence of a unified energy which underlies conventional transverse electromagnetic (EM) vectors. The concept of a subtle energy underlying EM fields was first introduced by Bohm and Aharonov in describing quantum potentials as an implicate order "embedded in" our normal 3-D space. SE proposes that an additional implicate order is embedded within the quantum potentials.

According to the SE apologists, this higher-dimensional space is composed of an energy which has been called time-reversed waves, non-Hertzian waves, longitudinal waves, scalar waves, or zero-point energy. Chi, Tachyon, prana, orgone, and other names are commonly found as descriptive of these supposed electromagnetic characteristics.

The classical EM fields have been under investigation since the laws of Maxwell were established more than 150 years ago in England. Science knows all about these physical fields; we can generate, manipulate and use them for purposes such as long distance communication, computer applications and measurement techniques that are proliferating all around us. However, detailed knowledge regarding SE fields is virtually non-existant and expanding slowly.

There have been hundreds of studies trying to determine the purported existence and effects of SE. As would be expected, these studies range in quality from being of very high quality in terms of design methodology to those which are seriously flawed and utterly worthless. Note we used the descriptive "design methodology" versus "results".

The issue at hand is whether or not such energies exist and can be imprinted or placed in water and then, when ingested, perform some type of bioelectromagnetic process on the body's cells.

Many individuals firmly believe this can be done. They sometimes describe their methodology of determination to be "intuitive" rather than scientific.

As we said above, one can find all types of subtle energy devices and products created therewith on the Internet. Serious practitioners in the functional water area stick to the electromagnetic processes described in either (1) or (2) above.