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Heavy duty carbon and sediment prefilter for removal of dirt and organic, volatile chemicals.

Available as optional equipment on all of our West Bend Automatic Distillers


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System #3 is Dolfyn's top of the line system, producing 10gallons per 24 hours and utilizing a custom-designed 12 gallon storage tank with spigot and heavy duty locking castors.

This unit is for the larger family, extended family, dental, medical or light industrial application where a capability to store and produce larger volumes of water is needed.

System #3 can be equipped with the optinal heavy duty carbon and sediment pre filter shown at left.

System #3 has provisions for an external demand pump which is mounted on a special bracket under the storage tank.

System #3 is the finest, best-engineered home and light industrial distiller on the market today. One year warranty on electrical components and 15 years on mechanical parts is standard on all units.


Like System #1 and #1, DOLFYN System #3 can be configured to sit with the wide or narrow side of the storage tank facing outwards, permitting location in compact areas such as next to a washer/dryer in the laundry, etc. Floor footprint is only 16 x 22 inches, including the set of locking castors.

Fully movable boiling chamber for quick and easy cleaning. With other water distillers, cleaning the boiling chamber has always been at the top of the list of consumer complaints---the drudgery of scraping and cleaning out a boiling chamber cluttered with floats, drain valves, etc. and then waiting for what seems to be an eternity for the residue to trickle out of a small, side valve.

Somehow, there must be a better idea!
There is with the DOL-FYN® distiller! In just 30 seconds you can completely remove the compact, stainless-steel boiling chamber, rinse and dump the residue, and return the entire assembly to the main distiller.

The DOL-FYN® has the industry's most advanced boiling chamber---the entire top is open---an 8 inch opening through which you can easily and conveniently remove scale, residue, etc.

Gone are the days when you have a small 4-inch hole in the top of the boiling chamber to work through to remove scale.

The DOL-FYN® boiler is made from one-piece drawn stainless steel---thus completely eliminating any sharp corners or crevices where scale could build up and present difficulty in removal.

Better ideas are also found in the DOL-FYN® stainless-steel storage tanks. Instead of small, cramped access holes you will find on the top of storage tanks with other distillers, the complete interior of the DOL-FYN® storage tanks are open for inspection and easy cleaning.

Simply lift the distiller off the tank and you have easy visual and physical access to the tank. This unique design saves space, equipment weight and also the costs of extra, unnecessary stainless steel.

As the distiller is lifted from the storage tank(as shown above) the float control mechanism can be seen. As distilled water is drained or pumped from the storage tank, the float monitors the remaining water level in the tank and signals the distiller when to begin operating to replace the distilled water drawn from the tank.

Also shown in the picture below is the location where a compact carbon post filter can be located. In most cases the post filter is not required. However, in cases where sulphur or extremely high levels of organic chemicals are known to be present, the post filter can be used to augment the standard dual filter shown at left.

DOL-FYN® has been carefully engineered for the family with small children.

There are no exposed hot surfaces.

There are no residue drain valves which could spill boiling water on small hands.

There are no visible switches or buttons to tempt inquisitive fingers.

DOL-FYN® has the Water Quality Association(WQA) Gold Seal Approval---a certification of industrial grade manufacturing and design integrity---a quality no other distiller has met.



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