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Reverse osmosis systems are available as either "stand alone" or "turnkey" units ranging in fresh water production capacity from 600 GPD to 50,000 GPD and up for bottling, water stores or other commercial or industrial needs where good water purity is required.

Commercial and industrial reverse osmosis systems can generally produce water in the 2 to 10 mg/liter, numerically equivalent to parts per million (PPM) TDS range, assuming incoming water TDS are under 1000 mg/liter.

Water quality may vary depending on a variety of conditions, mainly membrane condition. Production rates may vary depending on temperature, pressure, membrane condition and other factors such as the amount of water "recycled" within the reverse osmosis system as part of the filtration process.

Whether 600 or 50,000 gallons, commercial and industrial reverse osmosis systems must incorporate several stages of preconditioning in order to transform the incoming water into product water which meets various quality requirements. The figure below illustrates these preconditioning stages.



Preconditioning normally consists of some type of multi-media or "depth" filter, followed by a water conditioner or softener and finally by a carbon filtration system to remove organic chemicals and chlorine which would do major damage to the membrane if not removed.

A typical pre conditioner is highlighted in red in the picture below. The figure illustrates other system components, including the reverse osmosis and disinfection(uv and ozone) modules as noted in the block diagram above.

In many cases, iron, bacteria, silicates or other contaminants may be present in the incoming water and must be removed with additional stages of preconditioning.

A complete water analysis is required in order to fully specify the various components which must precede the reverse osmosis module.

Failure to properly pre treat the incoming water may result in premature and catastrophic failure many of the system components. For example: if iron is present, not only will the reverse osmosis membrane go belly up but the water softener/conditioner's ability to soften the incoming water will be compromised.

For additional information on PRECONDITIONERS, GO HERE.


All water store and bottling operations will require some combination of Ultraviolet and Ozone processing to ensure that biological purity of the product water is maintained. Even in industrial applications, biological purity can be critically important.

As the water is produced by the reverse osmosis modules(described below) the water is placed in a closed storage tank. To prevent stagnation and possible biological contamination after production and prior to use a combination recirculation and disinfection module is required.

A sample of a smaller disinfection system running at 10 gallons per minute(recirculation or water delivery) is illustrated below. It is an integral part of each of the "turnkey" reverse osmosis systems illustrated in the section below. For additional information on this item, including specifications and pricing for systems capable of treating up to 60 gallons per minute, GO HERE.

10 Gallon per Minute Disinfection and Recirculation Module


Most individuals reading this section will be looking for one of three applications for commercial or industrial reverse osmosis:

  • Water Store
  • Bottling or Bulk Water Delivery System
  • Industrial Water

Both water store and bottling system applications will use pre conditioners as well as disinfection modules as shown at the top of this page. Industrial water users in most cases will need to add a de ionization module to the basic configuration to produce water at higher purity levels such as that need in semiconductor, electronics or medical water processes.

Purity levels attainable by the basic reverse osmosis module will normally fall short of these required high purity levels.

Reverse osmosis modules for water stores will normally fall in the 600 to 3000 gallon per day range while bottling systems will range from 1500 to 25,000 gallons per day or higher.

Industrial reverse osmosis water users may need 5 to 10 times these volumes, sometimes reaching into several hundred thousand gallons per 24 hours, depending on application.

Low Capacity Reverse Osmosis Modules for Entry Level Water Stores and Small Water Bottling Operations

(no preconditioning or disinfection capabilities)


Reverse osmosis production rates of 600 to 3000 gallons per 24 hours for water stores will normally encompass reverse osmosis modules of the types illustrated above. Included in these modular designs are pumping and filtration units, the reverse osmosis membranes and a wide variety of controls and display items to monitor water flow rates, system operating conditions and water quality.

The units shown above can be installed where the customer desires to independently obtain separate preconditioning and disinfection modules and "wire together" his own complete operating system.

To reduce maintenance and inter-module operational interface problems, most water store(and bottling system) owners prefer to obtain a fully integrated system, including all interconnections and inter-module control units to permit the individual components to function more effectively as a group than when there are designed as separate, individual modules.

Integrated systems for water stores and bottling applications then will look like the components illustrated in the figures below, with all components "talking to each" other as will be required in any water store or bottling application and packaged in a compact and convenient manner. The reverse osmosis components are highlighted in red in the figure below.

1500 GPD Turnkey Reverse Osmosis Water Processor with Preconditioning and Disinfection/Recirculation System for Entry Level Water Store or Small Bottling Operation


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3000 GPD Turnkey Reverse Osmosis Water Processor for Larger Water Store or Small Bottling Operation


Price: CALL

4000 Gallon Per Day Turnkey Reverse Osmosis System

(specifications HERE)

6000 GPD Turnkey Reverse Osmosis Water Processor for High End Water Store or Medium Size Bottling Operation


Prices at Shopping Cart

(note optional, extra heavy duty water softener components for this store where exceptionally hard water was encountered).

Medium Capacity Reverse Osmosis Modules for Larger Water Stores, Bulk Water Producers and Medium Size Water Bottling Operations

Bottled and bulk water producers still require all of the components identified at the top of this page. Just bigger and faster. Industrial users also begin to become interested when capacities begin to enter the five and six figure arena.

It is important to remember that steam distillation systems are available in volumes just short of 10,000 gallons per day and that many forward looking bottling operations are beginning to add distilled water to their venue, realizing that the distilled water "niche" market is fast becoming one of the more financially lucrative in the bottled water industry. For more information on distillers in the 500 to 10,000 gallon range, GO HERE.

It may come as a shock to some reading this page that there are some operational water stores which have daily needs exceeding 20,000 US gallons.

For those reading this page and contemplating a business whose needs are in that range, a system specification for a 24,000 GPD turnkey reverse osmosis system is given HERE.

Many water stores have expanded to a lucrative bottled or bulk delivery business, thereby creating a major step function in their daily water needs. Another group of forward looking business entities are beginning to spring up around the country where "bulk delivery" to both business and industry is beginning to take hold. Route trucks carrying thousands of gallons of purified water now deliver purified reverse osmosis and steam distilled water in several states at this time.

As the demand for bottled water increases and the public tires of the inconvenience of 5 gallon water jugs rolling around their home and office, the financial and physical attractiveness of bulk water delivery to both home and office complexes begins to rattle cash registers in the water industry.

Larger Revese Osmosis Systems for High Volume Applications.

The electronics industry, offshore hotels, casinos, manufacturing facilities and other construction projects are constantly in need of low cost, high purity water either produced on site or delivered on a regular basis.

A classic example of where considerable cost savings can be demonstrated in several industrial sectors is where these industries are currently attempting to produce high purity process water by transforming highly contaminated and mineral laden tap water directly into process water.

These industries typically have a water service deliver(sometimes daily) a new batch of regenerated mixed bed resin de ionization tanks.

Without batting an eye, the plant manager pumps extremely dirty tap water directly into these DI beds, rapidly exhausting the DI bed with the high mineral content tap water. The time variant performance of these DI beds looks just like a children's water tails off to "un useable" in just a few hours or days.

Smart industry leaders, eager to cut recurring costs from a non-negotiable portion of their business expenses(high purity process water), are finding that "pre-processing" the incoming tap water to their plants using high volume reverse osmosis(or even distillation system) dramatically reduces their dependence(and associated costs) on the unending flow of regenerated DI tanks.

Here's a simple example. Suppose each DI tank has a total capacity of 10,000 grains(meaning that 10,000 grains of hardness can be removed before the output water quality falls below a preset standard for that particular industrial process.

Now suppose that the incoming tap water has a total dissolved solids(TDS) content of 500 milligrams per liter of hard minerals such as calcium and magnesiuim. This is equivalent to 500grains divided by 17 milligrams/liter/grain or 29 grains of hardness. Some might consider this number excessive for water feeding an industrial complex but it is not hard to find numbers that exceed even this level in various parts of the country.

Next with 29 grains of hardness per gallon we divide that number into 10,000 gallons and we find that the capacity of the DI tank is roughly 345 gallons before the quality of output water begins to fall below acceptable limits.

345 gallons is not that much water in an industrial process; infact it is a drop in the bucket for most industrial concerns.

Now, consider placing a turnkey reverse osmosis system ahead of a DI bed(as shown at the top of the page and repeated below). The reverse osmosis system reduces the 500 milligrams per liter of dissolved solids to a number less than five(5) for example. This multplies the lifetime of the DI tank by 100, thus providing 34500 gallons of process grade water between DI tank regenerations. The water service now comes to exchange the DI tank once every 35,000 gallons, not every 345 gallons.

If your company currently uses a DI water service, ask your company accountant to provide you with the monthly costs of the DI service. Find out how many gallons you use per month, call us at 1-800-478-7342 and we can provide you information on how you can produce your own high purity process water and save tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in yearly manufacturing and operating expenses.

And yes, we have the larger water processing modules to handle the really big jobs.

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