British Berkefeld

Not available in Iowa or California

Inferior Performance and Design - Cannot Recommend



Better Performance


Our choice for rugged use in field


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Best Performance


Simply the Best performance and safest design - period!

Our choice for domestic use


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Countertop ceramic drip filters can literally be a lifesaver when conventional water and/or electrical services fail. Ceramic systems remove dangerous bacteria and most units also remove toxic, organic chemicals.

Tens of thousands sold worldwide to operate in hazardous conditions resulting from advsers weather, earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Not recommended for use on water which may be contaminated by biological or chemical warfare materials. Use these emergency ceramic water systems on an ALTERNATIVE source if necessary(river, lake, swimming pool, etc.)during that time.

Systems differ from one another in lifetime, construction of components and degree of bacteria removal. Click on individual items above to see specifications and to order.












































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