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Characteristics of a Highly Successful Water Store

  • Independently Owned/Operated
  • Strategic Location
  • Multiple Profit Centers
  • Non-Perishible Products
  • 24 hour Operation
  • Repeat Clientele
  • First Line /Branded Products
  • Structured for Growth
  • Strategic Business Planning---The Competition Didn't Understand What Hit Them

A New Water Store Book is NOW AVAILABLE.

Information on this "do it your self" book can be found HERE.

We welcome your interest in Aqua Technology and the possibility of working with you in developing your own full-service water store. The objective of this joint effort would be that of structuring a business enterprise that would dominate a significant portion of the retail(and possibly wholesale) water marketplace in your area.


Aqua Technology built it's first full-service water store in 1983, it's second in 1985 and since then we have several dozen others for investors located throughout the United States.

We recently completed a building program for an investor in the San Francisco Bay Area. In the current situation, we assisted this investor with everything from subcontracted electrical work to in-window vending machines to equipment procurement and hookup to logo and store decorations and advertising flyer designs.

When this particular store is complete, it will belong to the investor and their family. We will be available to provide on-line consultation as the store opens and begins operations. Should the owner so choose, they could also purchase several types of first-line water purification equipment which area available from Aqua Technology.

The owner can be trained in our flagship water store in San Jose, CA. This training will span everything from technical know-how on the bulk water production equipment and it's maintenance, to how to deal with water and equipment customers and so forth. When the store opens, the new owner(s) will be prepared to deal with their store, the equipment and customers in a confident, timely and profitable manner.

A team of skilled technicians are available for installation of any water production equipment purchased from us as well as on-site training of your personnel in your store.

From the technology, concepts and operating principles developed in these first two Aqua Technology water stores, literally hundreds of additional water stores have been placed in operation nationwide by entrepreneurs who recognize the potential of the growing water marketplace.

Our nationally-printed articles on these topics which appeared in the major water journals served as an impetus for this rapid expansion starting as early as 1986.

We constantly consult with individuals on a statewide, national and occasionally international basis on this topic and regarding their water stores.

It is fair to say that a great portion of the most profitable water stores currently operating in California are those which were built by Aqua Technology or built by individuals trained in the technology, concepts and operating principles developed by Aqua Technology.

Unfortunately, there have been some casualties in the water store business. In May, 1990, the Watermark Corporation filed for Chapter 11 and 7 after losing nearly $20 million dollars in an 18 month dash to develop water stores located just a few short blocks from many of our stores and those of individuals who were trained by us.

Watermark failed, not due to the lack of money, but due to their lack of business acumen in the water marketplace, their inferior technology and their poor choices and merchandising of products and a faulty business plan.

Each competitively located store owned by Aqua Technology, those built for investors, and those of our former employees and salespersons located is still operative, and going strong---long after the Watermark debacle.

The message we are sending to you is basically this:

"we know what makes the water marketplace operate, we understand the strategic position of the water store in the overall marketplace, we know what types of technology will dominate in both the short and long term in a strongly competitive environment, and we know how to make these stores profitable".

Aqua Technology is not interested in developing a franchise arrangement for our stores. We are, however, interested in an arrangement whereby we provide selective technologies, turnkey water production capabilities and possibly a consultative or advisory position which would permit the transfer of this key technology and know-how to individuals or a group of individuals who are capable of financing and constructing a market-dominating operation.

The consultative arrangement would involve several key program elements:

(1) a build-to-print design for the bulk water production capabilities of the stores;

(2) a carefully screened list of products and vendors(with alternates) which would provide the investors with the marketplace leverage of a multi-faceted equipment-based profit center.

Before proceeding, allow me to insert an observation which we have found to constitute the basic difference between financial success and failure in most water stores:

"...the vast majority of profits realized by a properly structured water store are derived from equipment-oriented sales activities, not bulk water sales."

If there were one item which I could identify with water stores which are currently in "trouble" in the US, it would be the fact that they have trouble seeing beyond the sales of individual bottles of bulk water. They have become, in effect, an "expensive, indoor vending machine", no more, no less.

(3) a turnkey water production and dispensing operation which meets the highest water purity standards obtainable outside of laboratory conditions, designed on a modular basis with growth and expansion capability commensurate with individual store business plans and a design capable of being easily approved by State Health Services;

(4) a wide-range of programmatic support to include consumer-educational materials derived from public media, private research, computer-generated graphics, text and other desk-top publishing products directly applicable to the water store;

(5) optional owner/manager training at one of our water stores

(6) follow-up technical, marketing, and administrative support following the opening and initial operation of the individual store(s); and

(7) optionally, an initial(and perhaps ongoing) strategic business modeling and planning activity designed to keep the new water store in the drivers seat with respect to his/her community as well as existing and new competition that may arise in the future. This aspect of the consulting program is defined in more detail in Water Store Strategic Planning and Modeling.

There are many ways to make a lot of mistakes quickly, easily and at great expense in this type of business. Aqua Technology's assets include the ability to get to the right answers, the first time, in the shortest period of time, with the least expense. We know where "all the bodies are buried" out in the marketplace, so to speak. To avoid these undesirable situations, products, vendors and other operational facets is integral to our support.

Should these foregoing data be of interest to your group, I recommend that you provide me with some specific programmatic aspects wherein you believe that you could use our help. We will then provide you with a more specific technical and cost package which would serve as the basis of a contracted effort with your group.

However, for your initial planning purposes, you can expect an outlay of between $60,000 and $120.000 for a turn-key water store, the variance depending to a large extent on the types of water processing technology, inventory and leasehold improvements desired or necessary.

Should you desire to expand the basic water store concept into one which is capable of bottling and delivery operations, those expenses would of course be additional, the amount depending on the scope of equipment rentals, delivery areas, delivery vehicle types, collocation of bottling/retail sales facilities and other factors which we could assist you with.

Our consultation fees, exclusive of any profits derived from equipment designs, sales, etc. could range between $1950 and $3,500, depending on the scope of your program. Training programs for multiple store locations and other expenses such as travel to site would be in addition to the base fee.


Perhaps a dozen times a week, customers, businessmen, investors and even just the curious will ask us how to go about building a water store. After all, it looks so easy--just sit back and watch hundreds of customers line up to fill up jugs of distilled water; chat casually with customers about buying a home water purifier---it looks so easy, or is it?

The reasons for building a water store are certainly valid ones, regardless of how easy or hard it may be to make them financially successful.

Whereas a half dozen years ago. you couldn't get anyone to give you 30 seconds to discuss drinking water, with increased pollution and contamination problems. you can't get people to stop talking about drinking water.

This turnabout has brought hundreds of new water "purifier" manufacturers into the marketplace, dozens of bottled water companies and thousands of house-to-house salespersons touting every conceivable type of home water ''purifier''.

From all of this mass hysteria and confusion over new water purification products and concern about drinking water has emerged a few very important facts:

1. Virtually everyone is concerned about the quality of drinking water their family is being subjected to at the kitchen tap. And one out of three Californian's(one of 15 nationally) are voting their displeasure by purchasing bottled water or some type of point-of-use home water purifier

2. People are beginning to get very tired and upset about spending over a dollar a gallon for delivered bottled water, which the newspapers, TV and radio contend daily is probably no better than tap water.

On the other hand, the water store offers them fresh, steam distilled or reverse osmosis drinking water at a fraction of the price, normally an order of magnitude cleaner water, in their own bottle(not someone else's), and as much as they want, and when they want it.

3. People are also getting tired of being high pressured by the three-piece suited, fast talking door-to-door salesman with his magic test kit and flip charts---selling some super duper water purification system which does everything but cook your meals---but requires a minimum of a second mortgage on their house to afford.

People are tired of that line---and they are slowly but surely finding that these systems are no better or no worse than those they can get in a water store for several thousand dollars less.

They also like the choice you get in a water store---no one is shoving one specific system down their throat. This is a retail store, (not a high-pressure sales pitch in the family's living room) and the customer has definite choices in performance and choices in price and convenience.

4. The water store concept is tried and tested. It's performance in the retail marketplace has been proven nationwide. It's performance, admittedly, has been better here in the West where the population is more tuned in to making themselves feel better with better nutrition, better and more exercise, etc. Water fits into that nutritional regimen very nicely.

5. The water store is a place where you can establish a strong equity position for yourself and your family. The unstable, indefinite and ill-defined ups and downs of high technology industry has demonstrated to forward thinking businessmen that there are better places to spend their days than working for someone else.

In the workplace, someone else seems to get all the credit when things go right---while the hard worker seems to get all the blame when things go wrong and is victimized by "downsizing" of the workforce due to problems not of his own creation.

6. The major technical breakthroughs required to conduct business in a retail water store have been completed. True, there will be enhancements in technology as time goes on---but the key building blocks are there---tested and re-tested, and you don't have to go through all kinds of research and development to enter this new and profitable business market.

7. The water store can be profitable---in fact, it can be extremely profitable, if you follow certain guidelines in selecting good retail equipment, a good store location, operating guidelines and marketing strategies. It is fair to say that if your profit goals are $100,000 per year or more that you should consider a water store. True, there will be hard work, but I am not aware of many small businesses today which can provide that type of profit base a properly built and run water store can provide for a family.


In summary, there are these reasons---and perhaps another half dozen reasons which all say that this is the time to consider such an investment. You must remember, however, that the demand for such stores is not on a par with a 7-11 store or a Burger King(YET!).

Therefore, metropolitan areas suitable for a water store are in fairly short supply---and you must avoid a condition where an area is "overbuilt". The early "water bird" will get the worm and be able to stage his business without intrusion or disruption from competition(which will certainly arrive once they see the success of the new water store).


When a member of you family is sick or injured, you naturally take him/her to the family doctor at the hospital or clinic. You certainly wouldn't take the ill person to some fly-by-niter or inexperienced person who dispenses pills and information out of the back of their garage or from the trunk of their car.

This above analogy may seem silly---but, seriously, now, here you are, in the process of considering to spend upwards of $50,000 on a new business endeavor---where would you seek help?

Would you seek it from a professional who has operated and built successful water stores for himself and others---or from someone who just talks a lot and shows a lot of enthusiasm?

Would you choose someone who has a wealth of published information that will help you get your business going right off the bat---or would you do business with someone who doesn't care enough about the business of water to even write articles to major media about better health, water topics, etc.?

It all adds up to one very important point---EXPERIENCE! Enthusiasm is no substitute for experience when you have a lot of bucks riding on your new business.

There are a few moderately successful water stores in California, Arizona, Nevada, Florida and a few other locations and some of their owners now believe that they have all the experience necessary to start you up in your business. It is easy to find them---and it is easy to fall for the quick talk and "flash" that goes with this type of individual.

Just having a storefront and a few people coming through the door to buy drinking water is not enough for you to hang your hat on when you want to sign up with someone to help build a water store.

It is easy to find "store builders" who can give you a real good story about training, technical information, operations, etc. However, it is much harder to find a store builder who has the hands on experience, real facts and who will commit this information to paper for you.

Give us a call at 1-800-478-7342 if you decide you want to obtain our assistance with respect to water store equipment, consultation or both.

Or, if you decide you want to go it on your own, consider our new Water Store Book, available NOW.










































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