This part of the Web Site describes the various components necessary to assemble a high-speed, turn-key small-format(and/or large format) bottling system and related water treatment and packaging equipments.

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 Water Purification System( Modules 1, 2 and 3)  Module #1 - Water Pre-Treatment System(Module #1)  Module #2 - Reverse Osmosis Unit & System Control Panels(Module #2)
 Module #3 - Ozone, UV Disinfection & Recirculation System(Module #3)  Water Distillation System Option  SpectraPak 3000 Small Format Bottling System 
 High Volume Bottling System Components  Seawater Desalination Systems  Water Storage Tanks
Large Format Bottling Options   PET Bottle Blow Molder Cost Effectiveness of Blow Molding vs PET Bottle Purchases
 PET Bottle Shrink- Wrapping System  PET Bottle Drop Fill Packaging System  Automated Case Sealer
 Automated Case Pallatizer  Clean Room Layout  Overall Bottling System Layout
Automated Case Erector  Industrial Water Treatment Systems



Portable Equipment Skids of Integrated Water Filtration and Purification Equipment:

to Purify Water for Small to Medium-Sized Water Bottling Operation or Water Store


See our section on Industrial/Commercial Water Treatment Systems