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Most plastic bottles you find in grocery stores are suitable for recycling. On the bottom of these recyclable bottles is a small "recycling" triangle and inside of that triangle is a number from 1(one) to 7(seven).

Lower numbers represent poor quality bottling and packaging materials; 7 represents the highest quality bottling material.

All of the bottles shown on this website are a "7", representing the highest quality bottling materials available(short of glass) for food and beverage packaging.

If NO TRIANGLE OR NUMBER appears on the bottom of the bottle or container, chances are that the product was made overseas and the quality of the container is questionable at best.

There has been an extensive amount of media attention to bisphenol A appearing in polycarbonate materials. Bisphenol A may be released under high temperatures or exceptionally high(alkaline) pH or low(acidic) pH conditions. Purified water(distilled, reverse osmosis or Vitalized Water) all normally fall within the pH range of 6 to 8 which will not create problems with bisphenol A.

The recent media reports on bisphenol A are primarily driven by fringe environmental groups which want to eliminate all types of plastic materials from waste processing areas - even though the polycarbonate bottles such as the one shown below are completely reyclable. Cities like San Francisco have banned all plastic water bottles in City government offices. They are responding to the emotional outcry of the radical environmentalists and not making decisions based on scientific data. (It must be the fluoride in the San Francisco Water). Go figure...

FDA and IBWA independent laboratory tests show that BPA is not a problem and does not occur in water in any measurable or damaging amount.






Dolphin hand pump - one of our most popular items.

Fits on 3 or 5 gallon crown or screw neck polycarbonate jugs as shown on this page.

Easy operation - empties jug to bottom- one handed operation.

No batteries to replace.

Terrific for camping, picnics, RV's, also where no water cooler or water crock is available.


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