Eugene Shaparenko, President and Owner
BSEE, University of North Dakota
MSEE, Purdue University
Post graduate studies--Stanford University

Mr. Shaparenko's professional experience includes many different areas in the electronics, aerospace, computer, polymer physics, dental, and water industries.

Mr. Shaparenko's electronics design experience covers many diverse areas including satellite communication equipment, earth station equipments, navigation systems, the space shuttle, meteorological satellites, intelligence collection, display and analysis, radar and sonar systems as well as air and ground-based military computer systems.

Mr. Shaparenko's knowledge of electronics and systems engineering design techniques was instumental in the development of a wide array of technologies which are in place today, 30 years after their inception and development. Included are: remote satellite communication systems and receivers for satellite to earth communication links into developing nations.

Today, that technology is commonplace on housetops and recreational vehicles across the nation and includes the development of meteorological satellite systems which provide real time cloud and weather information. Every evening American's are provided with satellite pictures from these technologies on their evening news.

Key components and system operational capabilities of the GPS(Global Positioning System) were developed by Mr. Shaparenko and his engineering team. This system, which most recently found application in Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom, provides satellite-based navigational capabilities to both high performance aircraft weapons delivery systems as well as tanks and armored personnel carriers in the desert.

Today, thanks to the technology developed in part by Mr. Shaparenko and his associates is available for military, commercial and pleasure crafts, automobiles and hand-held "blackberry" systems, allowing them to navigate accurately and safety worldwide.

Finally, while working with the US military intelligence commmunity, Mr. Shaparenko was responsible for managing the development of several high-technology intelligence collection and analysis systems which are used by various governmental agencies to preserve the integrity of national security in many areas around the U.S. and overseas.

During these times, Mr. Shaparenko was employed by: The Ford Aerospace Corporation(currently part of the Lockheed/Martin Corporation), The Electromagnetic Systems Laboratory(ESL)(currently part of the TRW Corporation), Collins Radio(currently part of the North American Rockwell Corporation); the General Electric Computer Laboratories and the Western Electric Division of Bell Laboratories.

He also has extensive experience both behind and in front of the television camera as well as several years of broadcasting experience and technical management of these facilities(First Class Radiotelephone Certification).

While doing graduate work at Purdue University's West Lafayette, Indiana's campus, Mr. Shaparenko taught Graduate and Senior students coursework ranging from computer hardware, software and computer hardware design, numerical analysis, automata and artificial intelligence theory and electromechanical theory.

In 1967 he was the only graduate student selected worldwide to participate in a NASA sponsored post-doctoral professorial fellowship in satellite communications design at Stanford Univesity's Electronic Research Laboratories.

While Mr. Shaparenko enjoyed considerable success as a systems engineer and manager in the aerospace and satellite communications industry, he became interested in the drinking water business in early 1977.

Convinced that drinking water quality would soon become a major health and environmental issue, Mr. Shaparenko began marketing(part-time) various types of home water filtration and purification systems.

When he found that such a venture was worthwhile and could be developed further into bona-fide retail ventures, in 1983 Mr. Shaparenko formed Aqua Technology, America's first full-service water stores.

Hundreds of water stores were cloned from this original concept and the original technology and operations were described in a series of articles in international water journals beginning in 1986. Several of Mr. Shaparenko's staff in those first water stores have individually progressed to ownership of their own, identical water enterprises and have experienced exceptional financial results. Today, the "water store" business is a multi-billion dollar enterprise, servicing residential, commercial, industrial and institutional clients with a wide range of water purification and treatment systems as well as purified water of several types.

Concurrent with his activities in the water and aerospace industry, Mr. Shaparenko held the position of President and CEO of the Biocom Corporation, responsible for developing the first effective oxygen-enriched beverage company in the USA. US patents were obtained for this unique technology. Today, the worldwide beverage industry utilizes variations of this "functional" water technology in its product lines.

His experience also includes that of Vice President, Research and Development at Ceramic Light Technology in San Jose, CA. where work with world-class scientists at the Physics Sun Institute in Tashkent, Uzbekistan produced extraordinary breakthroughs in the area of photochemistry and far infrared technologies. Some of these technologies are currently in use in Asia, providing successful medical and cancer treatments where conventional pharmaceutical and allopathic medical methods have failed.

He also held the position of Vice President of Research and Development with 21st Century Polymers of Chicago, Illinois where advanced research in polymeric chemistry produced state of the art insulative and recycleable materials for use in products ranging from heat reduction for Bradley military vehicles to fire-proof construction materials for commercial airliners.

Finally, he has been instrumental in furthering domestic and international awareness of the dangers of dental waterline biofilm and its impact in human health. He and others formed a Seattle based company called Scitech Solutions which currently produces FDA approved, patented water filtration systems for dental offices to eliminate microbiological contaminants in dental waterlines. A wide range of articles have been authored by Shaparenko and his associates describing the impact of biofilm on both dental patient and caregiver health.

Mr. Shaparenko's background in engineering, product development, manufacturing and marketing has been instrumental in positioning Aqua Technology as a national leader in the water purification industry.

Today, Aqua Technology is an international leader in system design and implementation of high technology water treatment and bottling systems, providing high purity water for both commercial and military applications around the globe. We have business alliances with some of the largest and most successful water technology manufacturing organizations and design and deliver a wide range of water systems to both commercial as well as industrial clients worldwide.