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MCL: Maximum Contaminant Level(considered safe level for consumption

MCLG: Maximum Contaminant Level Goal(an unenforcable health goal equal to the level of a contaminant which is not expected to cause any adverse health effects over a lifetime of exposure)

 Inorganic Chemicals MCLG(mg/l) MCL (mg/l) Potential Health Effects from Water Ingestion  Sources of Contaminant in Drinking Water  Treatment Methods
 Antimony  0.006 0.006 Higher blood cholersterol; lower blood glucose, cancer Petroleum refinery discharge; solder; electronics;fire retardants;ceramics, fireworks, solder


Activated carbon

Reverse osmosis

Steam Distillation

 Arsenic  none 0.005 Skin Damage; circulatory system problems; higher cancer risk Discharge from semiconductor manufacture; petroleum refining; wood preservatives;herbicides; animal feed addititive; erosiou from natural deposits

Reverse osmosis

Steam Distillation

 Asbestos 7 million fibers(MF)/liter  7 MF/L Higher risk of developing benign intestinal polyps Decay of asbestos cement in water mains; natural deposit erosion.


Submicron filtration

Reverse Osmosis



 Barium  2   2  naturally occuring; pigments, spent coal, epoxy sealants  Circulatory system effects  Distillation
 Beryllium  .004


aerospace and electronics industries  lung and bone damage   Distillation
 Cadmium  .005  .005  naturally occuring; batteriesk paints, galvanized pipe  Kidney damage Distillation 
 Chromium  0.1 0.1   Naturally occuring; pigments, mining, electroplating processes  Kidney, circulatory and liver damage  Distillation
 Copper 1.3  Special Treatment Required Plumbing, naturally occuring, wood preservatives Gastrointestinal problems Distillation
 Cyanide  0.2 0.2 Fertilizers, steel, mining, electroplating process and plastics Thyroid and central nervous system damage Distillation
 Fluoride  4.0 4.0 Naturally occuring, water additive, fertilizers, aluminum byproducts Dental and skeletal fluorosis Distillation
 Lead in revision  in revision piping, paints, industrial central nervous system damage Distillation
 Mercury 0.002  0.002 Batteries, electronic parts, naturally occuring, crop runoff Kidney and central nervous system damage Distillation
 Nitrate  10 10 Sewage & septic tanks, fertilizers, animal droppings, naturally occruing Methemoglobulinemia (blue baby syndrome) Distillation
 Nitrite 1 Same As Above Same as Above Distillation
 Selenium  0.05 0.05 Mining, oil and coal burning byproducts, steel smelting, naturally occuring Liver damage Distillation
 Thallium 0.0005  0.002 Glass, drugs, electronics Brain, liveer, kidney and disgestive tract damage Distillation