Far infrared(FIR) electromagnetic waves are found above the microwave band and below the red spectral lines of the visible light band.

Functional water processors such as the VITALIZER PLUS™ use low level far infrared(FIR) radiation to infuse special properties into water. Constituting the greatest amount of the sun's output, FIR exists in photons of light energy, and has been found to be useful in a wide range of commercial, military and medical applications when synthetically generated by special laboratory processes.

In the early 1970's the United States NASA organization developed some of the original technology to generate and utilize FIR. Without adquate funding and a lack of vision and directives to pursue commercial or medical applications of this new science, the technology went basically unused until it was stolen by the Soviet Union shortly thereafter.

The Soviets recognized the tremendous utility of such a technology and spent literally billions of rubles building an exotic research and development facility outside the city of Tashkent in the country of Uzbekistan.

A group of scientists under the direction of Dr. Rustam Rakhimov then developed a wide range of applications for this highly specialized area of physics - the scientific name which today is called "photochemistry".

In the following years, this technology was stolen once again, this time by the Japanese who have since integrated FIR technology into everything from hand warmers and blankets to water processors and devote significant financial and human resources to the advancement of this particular science.

In practical applications (go HERE to see some current, domestic applications of this technology), FIR is generated by gently heating highly structured crystals which are produced in sophisticated, high temperature conditions only available in a limited number of industrial facilities worldwide.

Photons of light energy radiating in the 4-14 micron band from these crystals can produce dramatic effects on the body's cells, water and a variety of "target" materials.

Water molecules are resonant at 10 microns and when radiated with FIR energies can react in a variety of manners. Since has memory, as discussed elsewhere in this functional water section, a portion of the FIR energy is absorbed by the water and then can be used, according to various Japanese sources, to detoxify the body's cells by vibrating toxins free from water clusters which may contain these toxins.

Compared to the Uzbekistan scientists, the Japanese fortunately have no known resources which can produce extremely narrow band FIR energy which can have far more pronounced effects of water molecules. The Japanese(and Korean) FIR energy devices are more "broadband" as illustrated in the figure at the top of this page and thus elicit less cellular response compared to the narrowband FIR capabilities available to the Uzbekistan scientists in Tashkent.

Research I have personally conducted with the Uzbekistan scientists conclusively proved that narrowband FIR energy at 10 microns will literally explode water molecules. This was determined by producing distilled water when radiating that water from a distance of a few inches with FIR at 10 microns.

FIR energies are promoted by manufacturers of various water "structuring" devices. These energies are at significantly low levels so as not to endanger human cells which contain countless water molecules. Only in a strictly controlled medical environment is it recommended that the high power, narrowband FIR energy bands be utilized.

The important thing to remember about FIR is that it has observable effects; unlike scores of processes which use "subtle energy" effects which are difficult if not impossible to measure or observe effects, FIR has physical parameters which can be measured. The effects are dramatic as well - from the evaporation of water to the near-instantaneous destruction of microbes to the rapid cooking of foods, processing of wine, drying of paint, and more recently the successful termination of diabetes in several Malaysian hospitals.

FIR's effect on water is still being studied, primarly in Uzbekistan, Japan and Korea. Its application to water treatment and to functional water production is presently limited to a secondary role since far more dramatic effects such as hexagonal water clusters, surface tension, oxygen levels and other physical characteristics of water tend to be more important in bodily absorption of water.


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