The Large-Bottle PET Stretch Blow Molding System for Your Bottling Facility

The BM8L offers many of the same benefits built in the popular BM-600 Blow Molding System, but is able to produce larger bottles: from 500ml up to 8-liters in size.

The BM8L produces up to 500 bottles-per-hour with one operator. A wide variety of PET bottle colors, sizes and shapes can be produced with the BM8L system including round, square or rectangular with neck finishes ranging in size from 28mm to 43mm.

The PET(Polyethlene Terephtalate) bottles can be used in a variety of industries includin bottled water, juice, liquid detergent, edible oils and personal care items to name a few. The demand for PET bottles continues to grow faster than any other package in the global beverage marketplace.

The BM8L system includes a motorized conveyor that automatically lists the finished bottles to a hight of approximately 48"(1.2 meters). The bottles can then be easily set on a conveyor for filling or loaded into a storage bin for later use.

The BM8L represents a major breakthrough for companies that are in remote locations where transportation costs or supplies of PET bottles have been too expensive, unreliable or both. The BM8L and its smaller brother, the BM-600 are reliable, heavy duty and capable of operating multiple shifts per day to meet your bottle needs.

Preforms, after being heated in the Preheater, are transferred to the Blow Molder

Preheater: The Preheater has been specially designed to heat the preforms consistently and on a continuous basis. The Preheater uses specially designed and fabricated Nickel-Chromium resistive heating elements for a long, durable and trouble-free life. The Heating Element surface temperatures are closely and reliably controlled by Thermocouples and advanced microprocessor based Controllers.

Bottles after being formed are removed from the two-cavity molds. Custom sizes, shapes and colors can be created for your special marketing needs.

Blow Molder: The BM8L Blow Molder also utilizes type 304 stainless steel for the skin and frame members. The U.S.-produced pneumatic manifold and high-pressure air cylinders are world renowned for their long life and durability.

The system is microprocessor controlled to ensure proper operation and provide for easy servicing should the need arise. The operating software allows visual inspection of the LED readout Display to monitor specific parameters. Dual optical sensors are used as a safety feature for the machine. Other guards and safety measures have also been incorporated into the design of both the BM8L and BM-600 Blow Molding systems.

BM8L Specifications