600 Gallon Per Day Turnkey Reverse Osmosis System Specification
Suitable for:
(A) Entry Level Water Store Operation
(B) SpectraPak 3000 Entry Level Small Format Bottler(maximum of 4000, 1/2-liter bottles per 8 hour day)
(C) Large Format Bottler - Up to 120, 5-gallon Bottles per day.

Turnkey System Includes:
1 - commercial multimedia filter(9" x 48")
1 -13"x54" Twin alternating 9000/940 series demand water softener
1 - 9" x 48", commercial carbon filter
1 - industrial Reverse Osmosis system, rated at 600 gpd with inline TDS monitor; 5 micron prefilter, 120v/60Hz 1 phase, 304 SS pump rated at 3/4HP with sample port valves for membrane housing. Membrane is Filmtec high performance TFC.
1 - booster pump, 304 S/steel rated at 1HP, operating at 120Volts/60hz/1 phase for Reverse Osmosis Water repressurization.
1 - 20 gallon repressurization tank for product water.
1 - 10" big blue housing with 1 micron filter and 1.0 " header
1 - 10" big blue 1" housings with RFC 10 GAC post filter
1 - 10 gpm UV disinfection unit
1 - Ozone generator with automatic air dryer, 40 gallon s/steel contact tank, venturi and 1" ozone resistant valve for recirc and disinfection. Ozone system rated at 10 gpm flow.
4 - sample port valves for raw feedwater, post multimedia post carbon and softener, and product water after ozonation.
1 - electrical control panel, includes indicator lights, motor starters, timers, relays and associated wiring components; enclosures rated NEMA 12.
System is skid mounted, pre-plumbed, pre-wired and tested prior to shipment. System is broken down for shipment so reasseambly in the field is required.
Approximate system dimensions for above modules is 7 feet long, 2.5 feet deep and 7 feet high.
Price for Modules above. $CALL
Crating charge is $300.
Shipping costs additional; FOB Phoenix, Arizona.
Delivery time(seasonal variations may apply): 4-6 weeks.
Onsite installation and training available. Call for details 1-800-478-7342.
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