Mobile, Containerized
200 Cubic meters/ 52,800 Gallons Per Day
Seawater, Brackish Water, River/Fresh Water Desalination/Purification Plant



Gene Shaparenko, Aqua Technology, 1- 805-773- 4502 or

Feed Water : less than 38000 ppm
Average feed water Temp : 77 degrees Fahrenheit / 25 degrees Celcius
Product water quality : less than 500 ppm
Recovery Rate : 35 %
Feed Water Rate : 147 gpm


Mechanical Filter with Automatic Backwash Feature

The mechanical filter uses 25 micron stainless steel screen to filter the suspended solids in the feed water down to around 20 microns. It automatically backwashes itself when the pressure differential across the screen is greater than 10 psi. The backwash is done in seconds, therefore, would not stop the water production. A more important reason to use the mechanical filter instead of traditional multi-media filter is that the mechanical filter does not have bio-fouling possibility that almost all multi-media filter has. Biofouling of multi-media can cause biofouling of RO system downstream, which reduces water production and increase maintenance of RO system.

Chemical Dosing System Pre-treatment (2 dosing sets per train)

Two metering injection systems will be supplied for controlling different elements in the feed
water of the RO plant. The metering pump can control different functions such as the
stroke length and percentage rate. 50 gallon chemical tank with level indicator and level switch. Acid dosing, and anti-scalant dosing. The chemical dosing systems prevent membrane scaling. They prolongs the membrane life time, and ensures the RO system to produce water at designed rate.

Pre-Filtration System

Fiberglass or 316 stainless steel.
Rated flow rate up to 180 gpm. 2 No. in parallel.

UV Sterilization System

Sterilizes the feed water to prevent bio-fouling of RO membranes.

RO System

1. Membrane Housing: Codeline or equivalent fiberglass, 8" housing, holds six membranes, 1000 psi rated pressure vessel, 3 No. Membranes: Dow Filmtec SWHR-380 high rejection ,seawater TFC membrane, 8"x40", 18 No.

High pressure RO Pump, High Pressure Booster (Energy Recovery Turbine), and Variable Frequency Drive (VFC):

Our unique design for this project consists of one multi-stage centrifugal pumps in parallel , one High Pressure Booster (HPB) and one Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) as one set of high pressure pump unit, making it one of the top quality, quietest and most efficient high pressure pump unit available on the market today:

The multi-stage centrifugal pump housing made of 2205 SS. Pump shaft is made of duplex alloy 2205.

The pump inlet and outlet is made of 2205 SS.

The pump wear rings is made of titanium.

Impellers and diffusers are made of glassed filled Noryl.

The pump has exclusive high thrust
capacity water-bearing, which eliminates routine pump bearing maintenance.

The pump is designed
for severe seawater RO application and will meet the required hydraulic conditions.

The High Pressure Booster ( HPB) is also made of duplex alloy 2205.

This unit has exceptional efficiency, simple design and easy to install.

The complete unit can supply 147 gpm at 918 psi.

Tonkaflo SW125-21 or equivalent

Motor : 75 HP,380/50hz, 3 phase, TEFC.

The motor is driven by a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) in order for the pumps to operate at the required speed of about 3400 rpm.

Note that the VFD eliminate the high pressure feed throttle valve, replaces the motor starter, provides very soft motor starting.

The VFD provides easy system control by manual or automatic means.

It also saves a big amount of electrical energy as feed throttling is eliminated.

High pressure side piping material : 316 SS

Low pressure side piping material : schedule 80 PVC

Concentrate control valve: 316 stainless steel

Water quality monitor:


Raw water and product water digital TDS meter

Flow meters:

Panel Mount Flow Meters for feed water and product water

Pressure Gauges:

on the inlet and outlet of every filtration stage, and before and after each RO membrane vessel.

System controls (automatic or manual operation):

PLC control to provide start/stop, sequential, and alarm control.
RO System start permissible conditions :

Power On
Start button pushed
low pressure switch closed
permeate water tank level below low level ( low and high level switches are on open position)

Five conditions will cause the RO to shut down the machine:

high working pressure,
low inlet pressure (<20 psi)
starter overload trip
product water storage tank level high
emergency shut-down button pushed.

Low Feed Pressure Shut Off with indicator light
High pressure shut-off switch
Product Water and raw water Tank level control
System On switch with light
Power On switch with light
High TDS diversion

Water sampling points :

After booster pump
After cartridge filter
Before and after each membrane

Membrane Flushing System Flushes membranes with permeate water after each shut down.


Membrane Cleaning System

Includes high flow pump, 316 SS, heater.

It cleans membranes when needs, extends membrane life.

Use chemicals for cleaning.

Automatic cleaning/flushing. Installed with automation, valves. Etc.

With common service tank for product/cleaning/flushing. The cleaning system has pressure transmitter at In/Out of each membrane vessel.

If Delta P is greater than design Delta P, then audio and visual alarm will trigger.


Chemical Dosing System -Post-treatment (2 dosing sets per train)

Four metering injection systems will be supplied for controlling different elements in the feed
water of the RO plant.

The metering pump will allow to control different functions such as the
stroke length and percentage rate.

Exhaust fan installed above chemical tank. 30 gallon chemical
tank with level indicator and level switch.

Soda ash dosing and chlorine dosing.


40ft Container

Logo on both sides of the container
Complete insulation of the container.
Second side door to enter container.
Pre plumbed
Pre wired
Air conditioning.
Floor-3/4" plywood on 16" centers
Door -High security double swing out doors with
Paint white rust inhibitive paint inside and outside.
Interior Lights for proper insulation.
Shock absorbers are integrated to protect equipment from vibration


Diesel Power Generator 150 kw

1% Voltage regulation
John Deere Diesel Engine
Cool flow Radiator with fan guards
Dry Type - Air cleaner and oil filter with internal bypass
Oil and radiator drain extension
Battery charging alternator
Main Line Circuit Breaker
Vibration Isolators between engine/alternator and base frame
Optional double wall UL 142 listed fuel tanks 24, 48 and 72 hour run time
Optional sub base single wall fuel tank 26-105 gallons


Digital Control Panel features:

The generator set is controlled by an SDMO model NEXYS digital auto start control panel.†

The control panel is skid mounted in a NEMA 1 enclosure and equipped with: on/off key switch, start/stop push buttons, emergency stop button and indicator LEDs and an integrated LCD display for the indication of:

Control panel on,
Emergency stop button,
Genset running, Genset alarm,
Genset fault.


Also displays for: AC volts, AC amps, Frequency, Oil pressure and Water temperature

Price: UWRO-200MPD-38k-ctn: $288,800
FOB Santa Clara, California
Delivery Time: 3-4 months after receipt of down payment.
Payment Terms: 50% down payment, the remaining 50% may be paid by irrevocable, confirmed, at sight letter of credit.