1500 GPD Turnkey Reverse Osmosis System - R/O components highlighted

Suitable for:

(A) Entry Level Water Store Operation

(B) SpectraPak 3000 Entry Level Small Format Bottler(Maximum of 4450, 1/2-liter bottles per 8 hour day)

(C) Large Format Bottler - Up to 15, 5-gallon Bottles Per Hour

Turnkey System Includes:

1 - commercial multimedia filter(10" x 54")

1 -13"x54" Twin alternating 9000 series demand water softener

1 - 10" x 54", commercial carbon filter

1 - industrial Reverse Osmosis system, rated at 1,500gpd with inline TDS monitor; 5 micron prefilter, 120v/60Hz 1 phase, 304 SS pump rated at 1HP with sample port valves for membrane housing. Membrane is Filmtec high performance TFC.

1 - booster pump, 304 S/steel rated at 1HP, operating at 120Volts/60hz/1 phase for Reverse Osmosis Water repressurization.

1 - 20 gallon repressurization tank for product water.

1 - 10" big blue housing with 1 micron filter and 1.0 " header

1 - 20" big blue 1" housings with RFC 20 GAC post filter

1 - 15 gpm UV disinfection unit

1 - Ozone generator with automatic air dryer, 40 gallon s/steel contact tank, venturi and 1" ozone resistant valve for recirc and disinfection. Ozone system rated at 20 gpm flow.

4 - sample port valves for raw feedwater, post multimedia post carbon and softener, and product water after ozonation.

1 - electrical control panel, includes indicator lights, motor starters, timers, relays and associated wiring components; enclosures rated NEMA 12.

System is skid mounted, pre-plumbed, pre-wired and tested prior to shipment. System is broken down for shipment so reasseambly in the field is required.

Approximate system dimensions for above modules is 12 feet long, 2.5 feet deep and 7 feet high.

Price for Modules above. $16,995

Crating charge is $300.

Shipping costs additional; FOB Phoenix, Arizona.

Delivery time(seasonal variations may apply): 4-6 weeks.

Onsite installation and training available. Call for details 1-800-478-7342.

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